Mini mondo vs mondo vs big guy

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I need some input. I want to know everyone’s thoughts between the mini mondo, mondo, and big guy.

My thoughts are that the big guy has the 4 nozzel bar which likely cleans better, but I can do most sidewalks with a mini in two passes whereas the big guy would be 3. My concern with the mondo is it will be hard to maneuver, and I would go over most of a sidewalk twice.

The mondo does have a 4 nozzel bar upgrade which would be nice if I do 12-16 gpm at some point for larger spaces. (Which is my plan at some point)

I plan to order one of them soon. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

@Racer recommended that I get a Big Guy instead of the Mondo (that was before the Mini Mondo came out). I bought the Mondo. I really like it, but if I had known the Mini was coming out I would have gotten that instead. I knew he was right about the Big Guy, but I hate the handle and wheel setup on it. If it was on 4 casters with a normal (i.e. same as the Classic) handle, I would definitely have gotten it instead. On a side note, I’ve seen where some people converted it, but it seemed like too big of a pain, so I opted for the Mondo.

If I were you, I would get in touch with Rick and ask him about the Mini. He seems to really like it.

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@Atlas1 thanks for the input. Why would you prefer the mini over the mondo? Do you feel that the gpm is too low on an 8, or that it’s too hard to maneuver so its just not worth it, or something else?

Looking forward to @Racers response

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2 main reasons:

1: I have to walk pretty slowly with it. That’s not a big deal to me, it still cleans a larger area faster, I just hate walking slowly, LOL. I usually cut in my edges with the Classic and do the larger spaces with the Mondo

2: It can be a bit hard to maneuver. Like anything else, it’s a tool in the toolbox which I only use when the situation fits. I use my Classic 70% of the time and my Mondo 30%. I do think that I could clean more, faster with the Mini Mondo just because I could move a bit faster. Also, I’m in the mountains, so a lot of my driveways are really steep, and that prevents me using the Mondo sometimes. I prefer to go across the driveway instead of going lengthwise (Thanks for that tip, @Racer) and the Mondo is practically impossible to control in those situations.

Side note: If you go with a Mondo, but an extra caster and mount it in the front center of the deck…it makes a world of difference in how well it goes over little changes in the surface you’re cleaning.

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You should DEFINITELY talk to Rick before you make the purchase, in my opinion.


Thanks, I really appreciate your input!

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I’ve used all of them. I have a video up using and talking about the Mondo. Atlas is right, if you go with Mondo, put center wheel to keep it from scalping. Can see in video.
In fact, if I were going with a 48 or larger, I’d go with the Sidewalk Solutions. See difference in design.
Solution 48 - Complete Sidewalk Solutions The 8gpm will push it ok, but have to move kind of slow.

I really like my mini mondo. It cleans well and a small footprint. I rarely use on residential however because same as Jesse, most my drives have a lot of slope, so I like a floater on those. That way when I get off trigger, it sits and doesn’t go rolling away. Note: On my mini, I custom ordered and had them set the wheels in some to make better for cutting in and to be able to hang over edge a little w/o having to worry about dropping a wheel and tearing something up. The other thing about the mini is you can turn the handle and machine which makes it perfect for cleaning lots of Miami style curbs.

Big Guy - a ton of them around and the go-to SC for a lot of guys, even those doing decent size commercial.

One thing to consider is the bigger units are kind of awkward to transport and take up a good sized footprint. @Atlas1 would like to see how you have your’s mounted.

@Racer, thanks for the detailed response Rick! I think for now I will plan on the mini. I want a larger cleaner, but I think I’ll wait till I can tie two 8 gpm hot pws together. Right now I have a 20" mitm so almost anything from WW will be an improvement. Good input and gives me help for future planning. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Putting 2 8gpm machines together is extreme overkill. If 8gpm isn’t enough for some reason move up to a 10. Which I believe is still overkill for what we do.


@Racer No, you wouldn’t, LOL


Seriously, I just remove the handle and load it and the base into my tow vehicle. VERY unimpressive.

LOL, your back much better than mine.

I love the carrier you use for yours. When I go to a truck mounted setup that’s probably how I’ll transport mine.

@max1 I wouldn’t use that much gpm unless I had a commercial job, or at least 2000 sq ft of flat work. I guess the question is, at what point do you gain more efficiency by being able to move much faster with a sc considering that it takes a bit longer to set up and take down. (Of course water supply would need to be enough)

I would think at some point it would be worth it?

I guess I’ll see how I feel after I use what will likely be the mini with an 8.

I appreciate your input. To me efficiency is king, so whatever gives the highest ROI in the end is what I’m after. If there is a loss of return after a certain point, then I would want to stop at that point before spending a bunch of time/energy on diminishing returns.

@Racer Hey Rick, finally got my mini mondo and got to use it today and I love it, but it left a streak right down the middle of the unit after I switched tips. I don’t think it had that issue before. All the tips are parallel to the bars. Any thoughts?

Even with the streaks it was leaving it cleaned in twice the time and better results than my other cleaner. Very happy! Thanks for the recommendation!

Edit- added pic

Could the hose have marked the concrete?

I know you know how surface cleaners work. So theoretically the nozzles didn’t create this.

Something is dragging on the ground as you are pushing the unit whether it’s the hose or something on the body itself. It might even be the wheel that supports it if there is a wheel in the front

It’s not the hose as it appears immediately after the surface cleaner passes over an area and there isn’t a wheel in that location. It looks exactly like there is a streak down the middle like there is too much clearance between the arms. @DJPWS @CHogue

The back left wheel also gets stuck on the skirt as it’s too close to the body, so I can deal with the wheel, just not the streak. The bars should pass close enough to each other to overlap in the middle.

You know what, I’m sorry, I should have read better. Didn’t realize that the Mundo was a 2 bar surface cleaner…

Yes… more than likely there is a gap that isn’t getting hit between the two bars. Changing from 25 degree tips to 45 degree might help hit that gap. But that’s just theory. I don’t own a Mundo.

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