Mechanical problems

Machine will not stay running. If I hold the choke it will run. Turn choke off it kills. I’ve changed the fuel filter and it’s still killing. Any ideas as to what it could be?

Pressure pro hot water skid 8gpm Honda 690

It’s about 8 months old. 720hrs

I don’t know much about the 690 ,but that fuse behind the key came up yesterday by @Innocentbystander ,also you gotta fuel pump,is the battery in good shape? Line to tank pinched, sounds like it’s starving for fuel,I had a piece of plastic get in my burner tank from the stupid tip on a portable diesel jug break off. Kept getting stuck in my burner line collapsing my fuel filter,had to blow it out with air line.

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I’m in route to get new spark plugs. I did blow out the fuel line back into the tank. When I reconnect the fuel line I can see the filter filling up pretty fast so I don’t think it’s a trash in the fuel line problem. I bought spark plugs, sea foam and stabil. Hoping this does the trick and I don’t have a bad/dirty carburetor. I’m not to keen on machine repair but you gotta do what you gotta when the lead time on repair locally is 2-3 weeks.

PS: no search bar is torture right now

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The battery is good. It’s strange that it was running smoothly yesterday. I changed the oil, oil filter and fuel filter two days ago and now this. Coincidental I’m sure but strange.

Correct oil filter, oil and proper oil level in machine? Correct fuel filter? Just spitballing with you as I have the same machine, same age and same hours…I think we got ours 2 days apart.

Good luck to ya @Harold, a local mower shop might come in awfully handy ,if you know of one. Sometimes it’s a valve adjustment if it’s running ruff,or hard to start. But with your low hrs.not likely.

Those carbs are pretty easy to take off and clean, you might have something stuck in the pilot jet or main jet. I’d grab a bottle of carb cleaner, get some shop towels and download this page:

It’s not clean until you accidentally spray carb cleaner in your face :slight_smile:

And if you need help with it feel free to message me


Jake said it, something is clogging one of the jets. I’ve rebuilt several motorcycle and lawnmower carbs with the same issue.


I’ve got a pdf of the manual for the gx690, it’s got a whole chapter on pulling the carb and adjusting it. If you need it, I’m happy to send it your way


Check the oil a few times when I first got mine changed the oil it did same thing turns out what I thought was the right amount of oil was to much because of the way the oil fill is. Just what happened to me

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FIXED: it was caused from the flaky gas tank. Broke it down to the carburetor/fuel pump and there is a tiny filter about 1/4 size of a pen cap. It was clogged up from the faulty gas tank residue. Looks like I need to remove the tank and flush it.

Thanks everyone for the help.


The problem is fixed for now but I’d like the manual for future reference.

Friggin Pressure Pro and there nasty fuel tank once again. I thought it sounded like it was starving for fuel,because you had to run the choke. Quick fix. Congrats.

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Sure thing. I think I have to send it via email though, I can’t find a way to attach it to a message on here. Glad you got it sorted out!

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I wonder how long it will be until it’s fixed

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Betcha not as fast as @Harold just fixed his machine


You can download it online


Harold, can you take a picture of this other filter? I had the same ■■■■■■ gas tank issue so it may pop up for me as well. Would help to know where this other filter is. Can you clean it out or do you just replace with a new one?

Flushing isn’t going to help. Get a new tank

I didn’t take a picture but I ordered two spares. I’ll take a picture of it when the new one comes in. It cleaned up nicely with some carburetor cleaner. Looks brand new. If it happens again I’ll snap a picture of it broken down and in place. Hopefully you never need it but you’re right, it’s good to know.

I’m glad it was an easy fix. I have some gum popping to do tomorrow and I really hate renting.