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I have asked Josh Minx to come and participate as one of the contractors for this contract.

Josh has posted several times on the Power Washing Community BBS, Mike Hinderliter BBS.

We have 5 garages to do and a amp theater to clean

All but 1 garage is over 300,000 sq ft… (1) is almost 400,000.

We have to soft wash all (6) exteriors

Pressure wash all (6) exteriors

Soft wash all walls and ceilings of garage

Pressure wash all interior including ceilings and pipes

Wash all surrounding sidewalks of each structure

Rent (4) lifts ranging from 80-125 ft reach

(3) light towers

Filter all waste water.

2.3 mil sq ft of flate surface to wash

Over 1.5 million of soft washing exterior and another 2.3 million of Ceiling washing

9 permits needed to complete job

(2) high quality filtration units that actually work, not those from Red ones that you see selling used after a couple of years.

Schedule is for completion is (15) days

We are ahead of schedule by (2) days

Washing 120,000 sq feet per day

Discharging waste water at 82 GPM. Man whole access permit needed for discharge legally.

Josh minx managing the yellow beast and crew.

Filtration and water management crews managed by myself

Certified lift operators on lifts

Softwash Nation managing Softwash crews

All equipment except for the Hot and Mighty unit is mine. Most have not seen all of the equipment

Other crews are in California working on a 280,000 Garage with my other units

Since other say it is bullshit what I have been saying, maybe you will believe Josh Minx…


Good videos on your Facebook page. How scary was it 125ft up lol

What is the name of the facebook page?

“Professional washing network!” It’s a closed group someone has to add you into it I think. But he shared some videos of his machines and rinsing. I found it interesting.



@anon5179584 if you aren’t going to share info, please stop using this forum as a boasting platform.


That is a fair request :man_teacher:


A lot of people boast on here about random stuff…

I watched some of your videos on PWN … good stuff @anon5179584

Whens your next garage cleaning event?


Your account was not deleted.

You may be gods gift to green earth but every time I read one of your drawn out posts about how much YOU make, or how good YOU are, or YOUR equipment… this all may be true but I’m so over it. YOU give nothing but an infomercial about YOU. I could spend 10 days on QVC and learn just as much as I have from you ramble… about YOU. Glad you got deleted, sorry you didn’t get the hint. Really, re read some of what you have posted its practically copy paste. Be useful, helpful, and if not at least be entertaining. But so far you qualify for none of those to the general member on the forum.


Jim, your account wasn’t deleted. In the 3 years you have posted here you have never given any advice. You have bragged, directed people to your facebook pages and other forums, slammed John T at every opportunity, but you have never given any advice. Let it go. If others like you, go there where you are welcomed.

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This seems to be a good time to post one of my Dad’s ramblings

The memory of the Watkins Lady. There was a time when you could buy medicine, candy, tubrose snuff, and about 40 other hard to find good things from Miss. Farrell the Watkins Lady. She came to our house once a month. I would look for her car coming down the rut dirt road to our house, and run out to meet her. I kindly borrowed the change my grandpa had left on the bed beside his overalls, he didn’t need it, cause he drew social security.My mom would always buy RV Turner salva, snuff, cough syrup, vanila flavoring, and grape cool aid in the little tabasco sauce looking bottle. I would buy all the candy grandpa’s change would buy. I remember one visit above all others. One day Miss. Farrell drove up, opened the door and got out kindly quick and said “son can I use your bathroom” and I said yes mam, and as Miss. Farrell started to the house I said, Miss. Farrell the bathroom is over yonder beside the barn next to that big oak tree. I smiled real big like Forest Gump would do, because I was always ready to help any person in need. Miss. Farrell kindly hesitated, and then I pointed like a irish setter pointing to the irish potato field. Miss. Farrell was really nice, and I am almost 90 percent sure she said thank you sonny, as she gave me an extra piece of mary jane candy.


More please! That was a great read.

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I think this guy would make-out with himself if it was possible

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What in the actual fudge, did I just read ? Lol

It’s taffy, not fudge

You’ve scored a perfect ten for randomness sir lol.

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We need emojis!!! :grin:

I remember the Watkins man coming to grandma’s up until the late 70’s