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I’m getting frustrated with the Customer Factor and looking to switch to Markate. For those of you who have switched from another CRM especially Customer Factor do you still like it and has it improved since the last major thread on it (January 2019)? @squidskc you mentioned your disappointment with CF customer service and I have become a recent victim of their crappy attitude. My main complaint is my emails on CF go to spam for and AOL customers. Does Markate have the same problem?

I haven’t sent anything to Aol or Comcast emails from Markate yet. But if you have one of those accounts I’ll happily send you an estimate so you can see if it goes to spam

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Thanks! I sent you a comcast email I have.

I can no longer recommend markate to anybody and feel good about it.

I’m going to stick with them but I’ve been having a lot of issues with their customer service is down, seems like they’re getting too big for their infrastructure.


@Patriotspwashing what issues are you seeing? I’ve only had Markate for a couple of months; anything I should be wary of?

Since I’ve been researching them lately it seems like they only respond to questions on their Facebook group or by phone. What problems have you had?

There ability to truly understand our needs. They implement things, but it’s always missing Key factors.

Also, I’m having and others are to issues with the “leave a review request” text being sent to ATT phones. When brought up they act like it’s not happening.

Just been a few small things, nothing crazy but at the same time I wouldn’t recommend them


Yep I agree. Been using them for about 15 months now. They will typically figure out your issues, but only after they make sure to blame the user first. Which typically isn’t the case.

Seems like it was never really thought out well and everything just keeps getting fixed and adjusted over time when enough people suggest/complain about something on Facebook.

It is alright. Less confusing than Customer Factor. Guess I am neutral about their product.


Right! It’s sucks because there platform has so much potential to be awesome. But with every feature or new release it’s always missing a huge component.

My latest rant is the online booking form and how it doesn’t block off days where your schedule is already full from other work orders. (Yes you can block the date, but if you do that’s you can’t schedule work orders)
So you’ll have customers just scheduling on days where your already fully booked.

When asking them about it, their answerr
is well most people want to call the customer to confirm the date and time anyways.

If a customer goes online to order and schedule your services that means they DONT want to talk on the phone to you.

Also when someone books online it goes into inquiries on the dashboard and there is no way to take the info and convert into a work order, you have to do it manually which honestly defeats the whole purpose of it.

Anyways, it’s okay … few small changes and it could be awesome.

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I’m thinking of adding responsibid into the picture, but not 100% sure how well it would integrate with zappier through Markate with scheduling. Whenever I ask markate they just post a YouTube video of how to set up zappier

Now it looks like they are tired of people calling them out…just went to post a question about if anyone is using responsibid with Markate successfully yet and I got this message.

Might be time to find a new crm

Yeah the online booking sucks. And I haven’t tried the review feature yet since from what I have read it doesn’t work half the time. Also haven’t done the postcard thing yet because I have seen people a few times complaining how it just sent out blank postcards. Which obviously they had to pay for.

The photo you just posted with comments needing approved first upsets me. Defeats the whole purpose of the Markate user FB group. I might be out as well. You have another CRM in mind?


I like Housecall Pro for its simplicity and it just works. I hear Jobber and Responsibid sync up well together. I tried Markate and didn’t like it. It seemed that every I wanted was “coming soon” switched back to Housecall Pro and have been decently happy.

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@Patriotspwashing I’ve heard the zapier connection is not the greatest from a couple people online. I was wanting to switch but jobber/responsibid integration is really good and if Markate has issues with responsibid then that’s a deal breaker.

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I was going through the Facebook group and it does seem like a lot of similar complaints but they do also “appear” to resolve the problems. I do like the reviews feature that Customer Factor has and I’d hate to move to Markate and it not work correctly.

Overall I’m happy with Markate. There’s been a few issues but I’m sure every crm will have them from time to time. Markate does everything I need it to do and a lot that I don’t.


I’ve had a few problems here and there as well. Mainly the postcards and the review features. Haven’t had a SINGLE review since I started using the review feature and never would even get a notification that it had been viewed by the customer. When I first called them about it I was told that I was doing something wrong, but wasn’t the case. And the postcards is I’ve never had a single customer remember getting one and talked with numerous customers in areas that I supposedly had them sent. Again, no resolution after being told they would look into it. Julia started out being extremely helpful and would take care of things, but I don’t feel like its been as good lately. Maybe its due to growth issues or what, not real sure. But I’ve recommended their service a lot to a lot of people and not so sure I will be so forthcoming in the future.

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I’ve been working with Comcast to get my problem with my Customer Factor emails going to spam fixed. So far they have my emails with a link to my estimate going to inbox but emails with attachments going to spam. Maybe Customer Factor should pay me for doing their job. I can’t wait to email their ignorant rep back shove it up her %@$& and tell them I fixed it. I’m gonna ask for a discount. :smile:


I just spoke to Stephanie from Markate. I asked her about the problems with the review function. She said there isn’t any problems. I said I read on the Facebook group and heard from a few guys that it’s not working. She said she there aren’t any active complaints about it and to her knowledge it working fine.

I tested this on myself and a friend yesterday and still not working. I’m not sure how they closed it when it was never fixed

@Harold was your review request issues resolved?