Looking for a new truck

Thinking about buying this. Just curious to some some of you guys think. Seem like a good bit of yall know alot about trucks. I really want a white truck but i think this is a decent deal plus i have know the ower of the dealership for a long time so i can probably get a decent deal. My current truck is having alot of problems lately so i dont really have to much time to wait.

Do you need a truck for a daily driver or is this just for the business?

Daily driver and needs to be a supercab or crew cab. I think that color grey will look fine with lettering. I also think a blue would look good too like sir wash alots truck.

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If it’s not going to be for the business I’d get it. An f150 has no business being a work truck though. I like white because the look clean even when dirty

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What wrong with an F150?

My work truck is a 97 f150 with 300k miles pulls my trailer and gets the job done.
I will say, white is the best way to go for color on a work vehicle to. It cheaper to get a 1/2 wrap then a full wrap when the time comes.

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I 3rd the white for a work truck. It’s definitely best for dents and dings. I have to get a 20’ away pic of my white Sprinter sometime, and put it next to an up close shot. I’ve had it a few months, and am still noticing stuff up close, even bigger dents, that I had not noticed before. Blows my mind just how much white can hide. May just have someone fill in all the dents with body filler, and paint it white.

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I enjoy our 2006 f150 but loved the Tacoma we had before. :+1:

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Don’t worry, I 've got a few cans of that John deere paint left over from trailer. We can make that truck shine, lol.


Im looking but feel like it needs to be fast. Truck just threw up a code for P0171 and P0174(bank 1 and 2 running to lean. Not sure if its a vacuum leak or not. I sprained some starter fluid around near the intake to see if the motor sped up. Not sure how safe that was :sweat_smile:. Anyways its been one thing after another so i dont want to put anymore money it to this truck and get me another truck with alot less miles.

All my trucks throw those codes. Usually just 02 sensor. In NC anything over 6500lbs doesn’t have to have emmisions inspection. Just lights and horn basically. I put a piece of black tape over the little engine light so the guys will quit calling me and telling me the light is on.

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white will hide dents, black will show them. im looking for my first truck for the new business and found a 2007 gmc sierra with a v6. got 120k on it and rebuilt title…had some front end damage but it was several years ago and since all been replaced, super clean looking…comes with ladder racks and a diamond plate box. guy is asking 4500…im going to try and check it out tomorrow on my trip up to the powerwash store in nashville

also FYI…though an engine code may be for an O2 sensor, just leaving it because you dont have to pass emissions is no reason to not get it fixed. not even for safetys concern, but fuel mileage. i ran a shop in chicago with my dad for several years. O2 codes will cause under-performance and overuse of fuel. had several “work trucks” come in whos fuel mileage increased by almost 50% just by fixing the O2 sensors. just food for thought from you friendly mechanic :slight_smile:

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Gotcha. I changed some but they usually foul up again. Anything over 12 mph and I’m happy. I think the 5.4 is the greatest gasser ever in a work truck, but their emissions is crap.

@Innocentbystander @Hellbilly

Ya but when i slow down now it runs really rough and has stalled out a couple of times at stop lights. Im pretty sure that’s not something like a O2 sensor. On my other cars if it was the O2 it would throw up one of the many O2 codes.

Its ok not ready to put money on a truck for another 2 weeks. Will keep looking

might be an EGR valve. if you arent that mechanically inclined lookup on the internet where yours is on your truck…you could try tapping it lightly with a hammer to see if it fixes it. EGR recirculates exhaust gas through your intake to “reburn” it…if it is stuck open it chokes the engine and could cause poor acceleration and/or stalling out at idle. if you are a brave little toaster you could always try and change it out yourself…they arent that expensive, just difficult to remove sometimes.

Thanks ill tinker with it when i get some time. Until then ill get a new truck​:joy::joy::joy: Can you tell i want a new truck lol

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If any of you guys are handy in any way it’s always a good idea to have a cheap scanner to read/clear codes and that can show basic live data. They are normally pretty good with updates and really I can’t think of anything nearly as good until you start getting into $1000-$1200 launch products. We all have smart phones lol BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00652G4TS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_9A6tCbG2KMQ0Q


I’d bet it’s egr valve… cut the vacuum line and put a screw in it to plug it. I’ve done it on three of my trucks

Worse case scenario you do that and nothing happens… or you fix it in 20 seconds for free.

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I think so too.

If you haven’t already, do a google search for your particular year, model, etc of truck, along with the code…I promise there is some forum, somewhere, that is devoted to your vehicle and you’ll find all the info you need…I can’t tell you how many stressful vehicle problems have melted away by using that investigation method.

And yes, a code reader is invaluable…I got a Kiwi3 (I think) off Amazon, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.