Local guy has it figured

I posted this before this time he had the trailer.
Guy has it figured out.

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He’s got a pretty nice setup. The camper looks unprofessional but the trailer is slick.

That surface cleaner…LOL.


I wonder if he lives in there…

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Maybe it’s all a cover up and it’s a Breaking Bad kind of thing?


How recent is this? He always shows an f250 with his trailer and he services GA MD and DA. He pops up on my IG account from time to time.

That was my first impression.

Puts a whole new perspective on live eat breath your business haha.


This pic was from like a week ago Sussex county Delaware

Hey, you know…travel to where the jobs are. I couldn’t imagine trying to maneuver that rig around here though.

He probably does commercial restaurant chains. I have a friend that does maintenance for a ton of pizza huts and a camper like this is thier work truck. They park it in the parking lot and sleep in it. Instead of paying for a hotel.


You would think a guy who does the whole “branding” the driveway thing would post that all over. I wonder though if that is in Del and his main headquarter is in GA. Are the tech or techs sleeping in there? lol

Was able to make out his web site on the RV

Affordable Painting and Power Washing, LLC was established in the Washington DC Metropolitan area now also offering services in Bowie, MD and surrounding cities as well as Lincoln, DE and surrounding cities

We might have a case of theft on our hands then because that logo is identical and same name

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Seeing his service area I had to look at a map. I forget sometimes that you guys have some small States and you can drive through a few of them within a day hehe.


Thats a clean trailer.

Yep that’s two different websites too I wonder who ripped who off? Lol

Wow, good eye.

At $75 a Housewash i’d be living in a work truck too :joy: