Lithium batteries?

Just curious if anyone runs lithium batteries for their 12v. Yes they are expensive, but if they last almost 10 years they can pay for themselves several times over. Another huge benefit is the fact that they don’t lose power as you’re running them. They maintain constant voltage all the way to do 95% discharged. Plus you can run them down so much farther, unlike lead-acid where once they get down about 50% you’re all done and need to recharge. I just purchased one for my setup, so we’ll see how it goes. I did have to buy a new charger too since you can’t use a traditional charger with them. So, you can’t just charge them off you’re truck without doing a something like a power inverter and charger.

Anyone running one?

I’m surprised you didn’t solder up a set of cells yourself lol. Aren’t the Tesla batteries just like 5000 of the little ones all soldered in parallel?

You know why I bought one, my cart is now 15 lbs lighter!

But for real, no drop it output voltage and long life is a huge advantage. Using up to 95% of the batteries capacity and still having full voltage will be nice.

Let us know how it goes once you used for awhile.

It’s a lot easier and better on the environment to just put gas in the machine each morning.

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Tell that to California’s government!

A lot of guys on here have 12v setups. I was just curious if anyone tried running theirs on a lithium battery. They have a lot of advantages, just a bit pricey. But, if they truly can last around 10 years, it’s going to be about a wash in cost if you replace every few years now.

I’m just giving you grief. I got lithium batteries in the new cart. This ole big blue marble has been spinning for around 10k years with no ill effects. Mankind thinks to highly of itself if it thinks it can destroy it. Roll coal and pass the butter.


Mind me asking what they ran you? My batteries are going on 4 years old, so hopefully they last a couple more years, but once I need new ones, I was thinking upgrading to lithium. Or just buy a new cart, part of the fun is customizing them!

Bought this

Turned it into thsi


I think it was about $2200. They were like the used car salesman though. If you add on this will get you a reduced price on the radio but only if you get the floor mats. Differently a night and day on the batteries though. Charge completely in about 2 hours versus 18 hours and double the ride time at least, or more. But then I’m comparing it to a 15 year old golf cart, but you get the point.

Update: Its early in the year, but I’ve done about 10 houses so far with the new lithium battery in my setup. One day I did 3 jobs, 2 full house washes and one was just one side. After almost 3 hours of washing the meter still showed 13.4v. After cleaning just one house the lowest I’ve seen is 13.6v. No idea yet just how many houses I can do on a charge, but I really like having full power all the time with no real drop in voltage. If it truly lasts 10 years is say it’s crazy not to buy one over lead acid.


Which one did you go with? I’ve been looking at some of the bigger Dakota Lithium batteries and honestly I don’t know comparison-wise what the equivalent of my two group 24’s strung together would be in a lithium.

I have these, but you would probably want something larger, car battery size. This one is lawn mower size for my portable setup.

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I ordered just one, tracking number showed it never shipped so I messaged the seller. They said UPS might have lost it and they’ll send another. Two days later 3 of them showed up on my doorstep! Nothing like $400 in free batteries. I’ll keep one as a spare and I’m trying to sell the other one. So, I have one for sale I’ll sell ½ price if you want it :grin:

No offense, and I know things are different in the dotcom sales age, but if it’s me I’m sending them a message asking them what they want me to do with the extra 2 batteries they sent me…if they say “keep them” then I gladly will. I’m hoping this part was just left out of the story for the sake of time…?


If it was a local supplier with good communication, sure. They came straight from China with poor response times on the shipping issues. I doubt they want me to ship them back, nor do I honestly care too much about China… sorry, but I don’t

I used to think that too, until I ran into SteelSeries. I ordered from them online, just like I have in the past. Got my box and low and behold they accidently sent me an extra headset. It wasn’t a $500 headset, but more like the cheaper 99-125 range model, so I sent them an email saying you sent me an extra headset so send me a mailing label and I’ll ship it back. One month later, about 20 automated emails, follow ups, and follow up survey emails, me wasting about 3 hours and about $20 bucks in gas…never again. If it is a local store I can return it to…no problem. I live in the boondocks and it is about 35 minutes one way for me to drive to the shipper’s store that they wanted me to use.

I’d be like, “gladly, the next time I’m in the area…” lol

You were probably looking at all the marketing stuff just from buying from them anyway.

They have a sale, once a year for about 3 days that makes it worth it.

I’ve used lots of headsets over the years as an avid gamer and you can’t beat theirs for the bang for the buck. I also buy their supersized mousepads (they get artists to make some and I always support artists.

Logitech for the mice, and i sway between multiple keyboard companies depending on the switches they are using and the cost (mechanical keys only for me). I used to get real geeky with my stuff but my reflexes are too slow now that I am older, so I am not competitive.

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Just to give a little more info on these types batteries. Lithium iron phosphate has one huge advantage over the lithium batteries used in electric cars that I think you guys would appreciate. The lifespan. They average 4000-6000 cycles and even longer if you keep them between 20-80%. Charging them a couple times a week basically mean you may not ever have to buy another one. I hear it on here all the time, buy once, cry once! Forget buying new batteries every few years