Licensing requirements

Hello, I own a carpet cleaning company and I am looking to add soft washing and window cleaning to my list of services. I have done some research about getting a license to pressure wash in California and i need 4 years of journeyman experience to quality for a contractors license. I do not have that experience, so I started looking up soft washing and couldn’t find any laws about having to obtain A license before performing the work. I intend to do as much research as possible and get the knowledge that I need before performing the work on anybody’s home, i am just unsure if it is illegal to soft wash without a pressure washing license since they are two different techniques. If anyone knows about the laws in California Let me know, thank you.

Tanner welcome to the forums. This is an amazing place for information. There are probably more discussions but try this one as it directly discusses what you’re asking. It was also the second Google result when I searched for “Pressure Washing License California” :wink: