California Regulations

So im looking into breaking into the industry, but im in California.

Here is the requirements for obtaining a permit/license :

"To qualify for this license, you must be at least 18 and show four years of journeyman experience. "

So how can i get around the 4 years journeyman experience? I work in a business that must watch their waste water and regulate it daily. Could that count as experience?

I really cant stop my full time work for 4 years to get experience. I have a family to feed. I do understand that i need to reclaim my waste water, and I plan to. But there has to be a way i can get this business going without the journeyman experience. Any ideas?

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Move away from the left coast.

Are you saying California reguires 4 years of experience for a pressure washing license ?

You litearlly need non of those!

Get you an LLC, good insurance, reclaim if needed and go at it!

Just know that In California the PW market isn’t that great as it is in more humid states. We have almost no mildew growth here… Very rarely… So you will end up doing more commercial cleaning


D-38 - Sand and Water Blasting Contractor

California Code of Regulations
Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

A sand and water blasting contractor uses the force of compressed air in conjunction with abrasive materials or water to clean or prepare surfaces for any protective, decorative and/or functional treatment.

I’m no expert, but it appears you need 4 years to be a water blaster. Bad place to live.

proper designation is Sand and Water Blasting Limited Specialty Contractor, Class Code C-61/D-38. To qualify for this license, you must be at least 18 and show four years of

That’s for Blasting.

Soda Blasting
Corn Blasting
Walnut Blasting
Sand Blasting
Sodium Blasting
Ice Blasting

We just wash, mainly for asthetics


Hey! Some great country out west! And do you really want everyone from CA moving to your area?! :+1:

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I was born there.
love the blue sky but too many regulations…
they can move midwest

Move to new calafornia asap

Chesebro, have you ever dealt with city workers inspecting your operation for proper waste water procedures? Or have you just been lucky enough to not have come across any yet?

HELL no I wish they break away, float into the ocean and claim their Independence separate from the US haha.

No offense to anyone living there I’m sure you all are great people :slight_smile:


Id like to add the whole 4 years must be in the last 7. Meaning if you have 3 years, take a break for 4 years, then go get one more, one falls off. Lame. Discovered while pursuing my d38 specialty fencing licence.

How do they ask you to show proof?

You must have a contractor vouch, which “can” be audited to provide proof with tax records. Most have friends sign off. Some get caught.

The contractor must have equal licencing relevent to trade obviously.

A little off topic, but my carpenter friend in CA was required to state what type of sawdust he was producing and report it to…whoever deals with that. He then had to pay some sort of fee for “proper disposal”.

We’re not talking about a sawmill here, just a guy making various household furniture.

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Man… California HATES small business.

Aren’t they still the most polluted state in the country?

The state is set up for success of those that greese palms.

No never, That’s because I mainly do house washes… No reclaim needed.

I was referring more to the Contractor license. Sometimes I sub out work to diffrent companies here in the LA county and non have licenses for PW, Some with over 25 years in the business. Last time I looked into it, non was required. So gear up and continue if your really serious about it

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Thats a relief to hear, thank you.

Also, do you have any kind of reclaim system? I was thinking of using a shopvac and sandbags to Funnel the water to the hose of the shop vac then pump it back into the landscape. It sounds cheap because I cant afford anything serious. I am hoping to do some driveway cleaning with that set up.

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