Let’s be a copycat

I ran across a thread where racer had done a post on giving all of y’all the info then everyone suggesting a price and thought it might be fun/informative to do the same but on a commercial job rather than residential.

I’ll post everything I can and answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.

The job is on a military base in north Alabama I already hold the contract on washing the buildings and now we are bidding on the sidewalks,

curbs and gutters. I’ll post some pictures to help give a visual on the size.

Bids are due 2pm this coming Tuesday and there are two other companies and myself looking at the project.

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Do you know how many square feet of concrete and how many linear feet of gutters and curb?

50,000 sq ft of sidewalk approximately
4,850 lf of curb and gutter

I have a veteran’s affairs disability rating though so I’d probably bid it at $75-80k. Lol

This is tough since I’ve never done a govt gig though. Regular commercial I’d try to get $20-25k out of it.

I would be surprised if the winning bid was over 10k

Close, I think.
Maybe.8 per foot on the flat and 25 per linear on the curb.

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Yeah. .08sqft on the side walks. Could probably swing $1 on the curb and gutter and get away with it


That curb and gutter might go that…around here it is 35 a foot…I figured federal contractors would do it for less…but I don’t really have a base for reference.

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Never ever for less…


Oh, yes…there are times that the government is cheaper than the private sector.

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.08 for the concrete

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Bids due today at 2 pm any more guesses? (Didn’t quite take off like racers thread lol)

I won at $24,950



Holy cow, I was going to say $7900. Good job. What were the other bids, sheesh.

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That awesome man. How long will a job like that take?

I dont know how yall bid jobs like that… i struggle enough with just houses.

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You’ll get there! Just takes time and confidence! I’d rather overbid the first 5 jobs and win the 6th than underbid 5 and be stuck with doing the work for less!

WOW! Teach me how to be GREAT like that one day! PLEASE!