Legal Trouble

Alright guys, I need a HUGE favor… Here’s what’s going on:

A corporation called SRS Distribution, parent company of Midwest Roofing Supply, their insurance company Lockton, Broadspire, or Crawford (I’m not totally sure what is what.) claimed responsibility for their negligence when one of their roofing supply delivery trucks dropped an unsecured load of Bitutak MB on I-70 West just prior to the 15.8 mile marker. Each roll weighs 88 lbs and one opened up like a parachute, hit directly on the front of the truck and momentarily stalled it before being sucked underneath and doing damage to the brakes, suspension, steering, and transmission and ripping every trailer light and my permanent trailer tag off. This morning I got a threatening email from their attorney at Louis Brisbois that they were coming after me.

I had two attorneys I thought were going to nail it. But after wasting a second hour they called me and told me I need to get to the ER now and get a physical assessment. I fired them. I don’t want ambulance chasers. I want the truck fixed/replaced in timely manner and lost revenue replaced, of which I have proof including an email from a customer that wants to wait two weeks since I couldn’t get to them which means I lose the ability to put another customer in that spot. 2 emails from customers needing to get their homes washed for parties/social events have already found other companies.

Their insurance company still hasn’t provided a rental, I’ve paid my deductible to my insurance company to hash it out, but it looks like SRS Distribution are being jerks about their negligence since every day that goes by without contact from them (I have contacted them every day) and the slowest insurance process in history I call to make complaints with the highway patrol, DOT, EPA, OSHA, etc. Since the beginning they’ve been unresponsive. It’s not a big claim. What I’m asking for is under $30,000 including lost revenue or quickly fix it and deliver a comparable rental immediately. I’ve asked 50 times.

They’re a multi-million dollar corporation and they screwed up.

So the favor I need is this: Please go to Squid’s Pressure Washing LLC’s facebook page and share my last post. If this corporation takes ME to court and wins because they’ve got screw you money… I’m done. I won’t have a choice.

If I can get this in front of an attorney that’s not an ambulance chaser that’d be awesome. Unfortunately, the last 20 or so I’ve called seem uninterested if there isn’t a medical issue.

Thanks in advance.

I am guessing the medical issue gives them them leverage. If they are facing a possible $100k debt settling for $40k (your $30k plus attorney’s fee) is much more attractive.

Do you have a responsibility to minimize damages? ie renting a truck, trailer, or both? Just thinking out loud. Good luck!

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Done. Good luck with all this, hopefully it gets hashed out. Soon

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Shared on my personal and business. Good luck

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I’m confused. What are you being sued for?

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Always run a dash cam, it boils down to they have unlimited funds to pay for legal rep & the average guy usually is forced to fold or eat a large deductible, your ins company will subrogate but you end up the loser. If you had it on video they will bend over & take it like a snowflake. I hope everything works out in your favor


My close friend went through a very very similar situation to this. He even had medical expenses and let me tell you, the system did not work in his favor.

The most important question is, we’re the high way patrol called when the accident happen? And did they find the truck driver at fault? If not, it’s going to be a very long battle.

Trusted this fella with his word to make it right. He didn’t… $2,690 in damage many years ago.

Did you get him with the video ?

He quit taking my calls. The last voicemail I left told him I had video of him doing it. Never got a response and I was to busy to deal with it. I pulled the bumper off and straightened the brackets.

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Daily, I send off a complaint to a roofing organization or insurance organization, today I mailed one to the Kansas Bar association and a packet to the EPA. I’m hoping one of them get’s the ball rolling and this matter can be done with.

I’ve become a thorn in their multi-million dollar side. They want to take me to court for being persistent as far as I can tell.

I just want things made right and I go away and so do the complaints and reviews… but I think they think I’m just going to go away. I have a list of 41 places I can send complaints to and that list is growing. I’m down to about 1/3rd capacity so I have lots of free time.


Thanks everyone.

It’s already on it’s way.

I still don’t understand. Your vehicle got hit by cargo that fell off this company’s truck - where does them suing you come in here? Wouldn’t it simply get thrown out of court as a frivolous lawsuit? Actually, I don’t understand why you haven’t sued them, it seems like an open and shut case.

Will do sir. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate,were not that far from each other @squidskc

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So, you probably won’t get lost revenue, but I can’t understand why their insurance or yours isn’t picking up the tab on the repairs


That’s what I’m trying to get done. The last attorney told me they probably have me over the barrel on lost revenue, but he said he doesn’t think my number is far off. They’ll likely total the truck and that means I still have to come out of pocket to replace it.

It took them a week to get someone to appraise just the body damage. It still hasn’t gone to the shop for appraisal on the brakes, transmission, and suspension. I was promised a rental last Thursday. No mention since and they’re unresponsive.

A week to get appraised for just the body damage and I was told that was the “express response”.

Dont know too much about legal stuff.
But you file it against your insurance, your insurance will take care of “them”, they will go after them to get paid after they pay you.
Dont like ambulance chasers but i have good experience with them… they do deliver

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You need a truck for a couple of weeks?

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