Largest residential driveway

Only received one job so far since I’ve started a few weeks ago, had a few bail out on me.
I was passing out some flyers today I just got in and I noticed this monster driveway with a for sale sign so I called the realtor and mentioned it needing cleaned.
She said she would talk with the homeowner next week about it, she asked for a rough estimate and I had not measured it yet. I said about $300.
After Google Earth measuring i discovered it is
356x20= 7120
50x50=2500. Total:9620 sqft
and that doesn’t include the front entryway or rear carport
I have a 4gpm and a 16in surface cleaner, all I can can think is that it’s gonna take all damn day
At .11 that will be $1058.

Anyone ever quoted a driveway that big? I’m gonna do so research on how many sqft I can cover.

Mark off a 10x10 area and time how long it takes you to do a thorough no rush clean, then you can extrapolate how long it’s going to take you… round up lol


If you’re new at this be sure to do a small area, let it dry, and make sure you don’t have lines from moving too fast. It’s easy to do at first and last thing you want to do is end up having to go over it all again. I’m sure it’s even easier to not go slow enough with a 4 gpm machine.

$.11 a sq/ft seems low but I guess it’s dependent on location. What do you plan on doing if she comes back and tells you to go ahead and clean it?

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Look at it this way, you’re apparently just starting out so even if you do honor the $300, it’s still way more than you’d be making at some place like Target even at $15/hr.


Measure around the entire driveway and complete the measurement back to the original dot placed…it’ll give you the sqft.

Btw you should definitely honor the price you originally quoted like @dcbrock said


That sqft measurement is awesome! Didn’t know it did that… thanks!

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Np. Not sure what I’d do without it

What kinda wizardry is that @Max1 . You guys are so high tech. I still bill in a hand written receipt book. But its triplicat’s

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I 100% agree with honoring the price. Doing so will do a lot more for your business than if you didn’t.

Then I’m going to go ahead and clean it. It could be a good way to get in with that realtor and get my name in that neighborhood.
I’ve had a couple people ask about cost of services and my house wash starts at 289 and they aren’t biting. But I don’t think I would do it for less.

That be 1000 bucks in the pocket, starting paying equipment off I put on a interest free card

It’s google maps and google Earth :older_man: :grin:. I used to just use Google maps on my desktop but I’ve been using the Google Earth app on my phone for a while it’s a lot better. I can see everything in 3D which makes it a lot to see what im quoting like decks and concrete.


Oh that’s cool didn’t know it did that

About 11,900 sqft… gonna make me wish I had at least 8 gpm

I messaged the realtor back she’s not the one paying. Apologized for the confusion, told here I would typically do residential concrete for .15-18sqft, about $1400-1700, but to get work with her and help her clients out would so this one for a 1000

People don’t always remember the good things a company does but they will definitely remember something that bothers them. Plus, honoring a price that they’re expecting is just the right thing to do. Even if she doesn’t use you for clients I guarantee she’ll recommend you to friends. There are a lot of crooked companies out there so people remember the good ones. I would somehow casually mention you underestimated the cost but you are going to honor the price.


$300 isn’t an under estimation. just tell them you had a actual honest to goodness brain fart …

I agree with what you are saying, it is probably a good decision. But doing 12000ft at maybe 1000sqft an hour. 300 bucks for 12 hours. If they told the other neighbors who are also selling how much I did that large driveway for and then I go ask for a similar price of $200 for a 1200sqft drive that may not look good


You gotta point there…

I can understand that and somewhat agree with you in this situation just because it’s a little different than dealing directly with a homeowner. You probably caught her before she even talked to the homeowner anyways. Now if you would’ve estimated the price to the homeowner I couldn’t disagree more regardless of what the neighbors found out. I just would’ve told them I screwed up but I’m honoring the price. More than likely they’d keep their mouth shut and highly recommend you to the neighbors and everyone else. Even if they didn’t keep their mouth shut oh well. Most people are pretty understanding or at least the customers I try and target are.

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We did a 4000 square foot sloped driveway with a 5gpm hot water machine and it took 6 hours. Was super easy as the water just rolled downhill. This job will take you 2 days. If she asked for a rough estimation and you said $300 you can tell her you it’s usually .15/sf but since it’s so big you could cut that in half. Making around $1400 for two days is fair. The people selling the house are most likely going to walk away with a lot of money and they can probably easily get $1500 more for it or sell it faster. Half price is a great deal. Your still hooking them up and they will appreciate it. You might spend $75 in fuel alone if your using hot water

I bet i could finish it in 4hours unless it’s really dirty dirty green water dirty. Go hot mix, add ites betty chance to not have to go over twice. Nothing appears too be an obstacle for hose. Make sure water available