Largest residential driveway

No offense, but as a realtor…if someone quoted me $300 and then came back and said he underestimated and said now $1200…I’d smell zero experience and wouldn’t even mention it to the seller. I’d be afraid they’d jack something up. That’s not a job to start with having a 4gpm machine. Knock out a few 1000sf driveways…learn how to pre and post treat to not leave lines.

Is this your second job ever. Have you watched @Racer video on cleaning driveways.

Your also bidding on houses for sale. Most folks avoid this as some have a hard time getting paid by the homeowner!

Also, my guess would be that the current owner is more concerned about getting their new driveway cleaned than the one of the house that they’re about to sell. With the way the market is now anyway, they won’t have any problem selling. Building relationships with realtors is great, but I would be surprised if they have you do it.

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What? Lol

With a 4? Are you superman?

Why is that? Ive did larger drives with a 4 just fine.

@Southeast.Exterior your about spot on. It will be a “all day” job. $1000 isnt a terrible price. Still money made. You are definitely going to learn some do s and donts on this one. You are also right 1 hour into the job your are going to be wanting a 8gpm lol. Definitely watch @racers video lots of tips and tricks in there to help you out alot.

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Yea, I’m super but I put my 4gpm 4k into backup. Not sure if he 9gpm will come out to play soon. @Grizz
But seriously, if its not ridiculously dirty, I can walk a good pace with the 4 thats been calibrated for max gpm. Makes a difference Ive found. I couldnt tell you what tips are in my surf clnr. They dont say. (MiTM). Regardless, it will be pretreated, Im spoiled now.

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Yeah I have. I’ve done a couple driveways for friends.
No lines. But ordered some 25025 just to be careful
@Firefighter4hire thought I sa somewhere in here you were in Georgia? May be moving out that way, old lady lives in Buford


Ya my 4 will be back up next year.

But that drive looks filthy i could tell even on google maps

I’m struggling to get business so right now I’m even trying to give a discount to have people are my yards sign and get reviews
It could just be the season
Hers a copy of my current flyer just showing front side


Well put together add …

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Your outa your damn mind if you will do that for 300 I can get 150 for an easy 2 car port. Tell here that was an average cost for a normal drive way not some massive fken monster. Gl hope you get it 1k or walk away

Agreed no way I’d do it for 300. I’d like to do it for more than a thousand. But a thousand bucks is a good chunk of money since I’m struggling to get any business

Yeah I hear you. I lose most work to the big guys with the 50man crews but get some back when they blow holes in their siding.

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