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OK guys and gals,
I have a hug potential job coming up for myself if I can win it. Thing is I’ve never bid on anything this big or had a job this big. Its a storage building complex consisting of 11 metal buildings with total of 34,600 sq/ft. The concrete surrounding is a total of 46,600 sq/ft. I know my costs and I can definitely do this job way cheaper than most but I have a potential to really make some money here, just not where to start as far as pricing something so large. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Derek welcome to the forum! This question has been asked a lot. It’s subjective to your area. Some guys do residential by the sqft and commercial by the day. What is your hourly rate? What do you shoot to make per hour? I’d use that to get your pricing structure for the bid. If you can do the job in one day bid $1600 if you make $200 an hour and can do it in 8 hours etc. There are many threads with this discussed, here is one example:

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Definitely cant do it in one day, probably looking at 2-3 days for sure. Only running 2 surface cleaners 1 24" and 1 48". Soft washing the buildings with separate soft wash set up as well. I was looking at charging .10 cents per sq/ft for everything being around $8120. For some reason I’m feeling that’s really high but then again like I said I’m just now getting into commercial. Residential has been my money maker thus far.

I love potential hugs!

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