Landa 3k psi vs Pressure Pro 3500 psi

I went down to my local Landa/Pressure Pro dealer to get pricing. I am going to do primarily commercial flatwork & dumpster pads. For a PGDC8-3024E 8 GPM/3000 psi they quoted about 10k, comes with Honda GX690. On pressuretek the Pressure Pro 8gpm/3500 psi 12v runs about $6500.00. I think the price difference is justified. One reason is they have a loaner machine if my rig goes down. Landa doesn’t have a 3500 psi with 8 gpm. Is that something I should concern myself with?

Nope. Also, are you sure that the landa has a 690? According to the catalog it’s a 660 like I have on mine. You won’t regret going with the landa for commercial flatwork.

The book says 660 and the computer showed 660. I noticed it immediately and he said it will have a 690 on it. Looked at specs for 660 vs 690 and only .6 hp difference.

You cant go wrong with either machine.

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Pressure pro doesn’t have a machine that puts out 8/3500. Only a sticker that says that on a machine that does 8/3000. Go with the Landa.


I’ve seen you say that before and I’ve also seen the formula for determining psi/gpm and HP. So you don’t think that I will have too much pressure loss if I run 300’ of hose through a SC? The cost of this venture appears to go up daily but I don’t want to regret buying an inferior machine. The Landa dealer told me that they have “Private Label” pumps & skids that have much higher HP Kohler engines on them. The list price is about the same but he said they don’t have the same ability to negotiate on prices as much as they do with the Landas. Seems kind of backwards to me.

The Landa and the pressure pro will both give you 8/3000. Landa just has a better pump and skid. I get the “private label” skids that my landa guy sells because they are better built than a landa skid.

Get used to it. lol. Mine has gone from starting out with a 10k budget to almost 40k. But I may be wrong but I think he’s mistaken

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I washed alot of houses for many years with my landa in fact I still have the 10gpm pump on Frankenstein. They are great machines. I got the PPro and love it but I only 5.5 gpm machines I think they are the sweet spot for houses. You cant go wrong with either. But keep in mind the machine will only be as good as you take care of it 10k or 2k if you treat it like trash it will be trash


Isn’t Landa and Karcher owned by the same company??..if so are the Karcher skids similar quality to the Landa or are they totally different? The Karcher hot water is what I rented a couple of weeks ago.
Price point is about $3000 difference that’s why I was wondering

Karcher, A German company, owns Landa,Hotsy and shark.

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I have 2 Hotsy machines. And now 1 PP machine. I can tell the difference, specifically in the hot water. It’s all about the coil length. Look a the weight difference in a Landa,Hotsy and PP. not knocking PP yet. But there is a difference

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Landa is owned by karcher but they are in the process of rebranding their landa equipment as “landa” to distance themselves from the less grade karcher. Landa dealers actually just got a shipment of stickers that say landa to replace karcher stickers lol.

So I suppose if thats what you are doing then you would recommend that I look into the private label skids as well? If i do that, should I ask for pricing on higher psi units? Maybe 8gpm with 3500-4000 psi with larger Kohler engines? What burner units do the “private label” skids come with? The gentleman said that the pumps are GP.

I don’t mean to hijack but is that a hydro tek reclaim system?

Private label just means what they build in house. My landa guy won’t even work on general pump, much less sell them. Same with pressure pros. Don’t sell them or work on them. I don’t know what you are washing, but the standard landa skid should be adequate. I pay a lot more for his custom skids, but they are bullet proof and last. The skid alone is $500, not counting engine and pump. Id be wary of a dealer that pushed a general pump or pressure pro on someone that meant to use the machine on a daily basis

Also I can tell you that the PP so far @ 75 hrs has blown the 1" to 3/4 reducer from the brass 90 on the feed side, and the cheap vrt3 unloader blew out the bottom. But both minimal and cheap fixes, have back ups for your backups is my advice on any machine you obtain.

Kohler went to EFI. Computers and bleach don’t mix and they make them more expensive to work on, at least in my opinion

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That sucks. The machine they had on their showroom also had the Vrt3 unloader on it as well. I told him I would be putting a K7 on it and he said that it would come with it if I wanted. I know envirospec has them for $79 right now so may just grab a couple from them before the sale ends.

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Yes azv88

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