Ladder rack

Looking for suggestions in installing a ladder rack on a fiberglass body (old true green truck)

Thinking about installing ladder rack single hoops (no idea what there called) 2 of them on the side. (On the outside of the truck.

Can’t go on top, trucks to tall. Really only need it for my 28 footer for roof cleaning. Can’t go inside as the back is sit into two difffeent areas.

What’s the key to installing stuff into fiber glass?

Was thinking of adding a 2x4 block on the inside to act as a big washer to give it more support so it doesn’t rip through ?

@Innocentbystander I like your idea of going underneath but no ramp on this truck.

Getting it all put together finally but I’m stuck on the ladder situation and was one thing I didn’t think about

I’d bend some fat steel strap to fit the inside shape and round all the edges as big supports kinda like long washers inside the fiberglass to distribute the weight and hope for the best. But that’s just a guess as I’ve never attached anything to fiberglass.

Cutting out all the rotten steel in the flatbed right now and keep finding more rotten steel… about to say, screw it and buy a new flat bed. Lol

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New aluminum flatbed is 3k. @Patriotspwashing got pics off truck?

found a steel powder coated bed for $2200. I can weld stuff to that. :slight_smile:

Put a service body bed on it and nirvana will have been reached


I found a couple used ones, but they’re all wrecked or fiberglass or doors are missing. I’ll pay $1000-$1500 for an ugly one as long as its sound. I found one with a bucket lift in it a couple weeks ago and wish I’d jumped on it. Lol.

I would run square tubing off the chassis between cab and box and from rear bumper (If it’s metal). Build a frame then put one of these on both sides. Watch the video in the link.

Either way, you’ll hate that truck in a year. Or i did. You may love it.

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@squidskc they come up for sale all the time here for under 1k. I see at least 1 a month. I know that doesnt help much 4 states away

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I had a bead on one a couple weeks ago for $500, but didn’t have time at all to go look at it and I’m not quite sure how I’d even get it back here at the moment.

I need another trailer.

Haha. Get the f250 done and just drive it over and bolt it to the frame lol

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I took the gas tank out to cut and weld it. Lol. So it’s immobile at the moment. I should’ve undone the 4 fat bolts that hold the thing on, unplugged it, put it up on pipe jacks, and drove the F250 out. Would’ve actually been easier. I love doing things the hardest way possible.

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Why? That thing is kinda sweet. @Patriotspwashing is that an isuzu?


I’ve already started to hate it lol

I’ve honestly thought about selling it and getting a F550 flatbed I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks. Flatbeds so much easier to install and work out of.

But I’ve contiplated traveling to Florida for a few weeks here and there to work in the winter (have a friend with a power washing business down there ). Be nice to be able to lock it up in hotels

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No where to store anything, hard to put on ladder racks, carry surface cleaners, mount and plumb reels, machines etc. I bought one, studied on it a month and sold it.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a side mount ladder rack for an enclosed trailer?

1 inch flat steel about 2 feet long. Heat and twist in middle. Bolt to trailet.
1:34 minutes in

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How do you strap the ladder to that?

It just hung in it with a 6 inch pin thru the top

Drill a hole on the side of the ladder?