Ladder preferences

I know ladders aren’t popular around here but they’re a reality of my day to day operations wether it be for 3rd level dormers, Roof Cleaning, or gutters. At times they’re necessary. I’m looking for a 28’ ladder that’s one person manageable. The one I have now is about 56lbs, and it’s toucher for one guy. I found another one that’s 46lb. I’d imagine that 10lb will make a big difference but I’m just curious what you guys are using?

I found this one coming in at 38lb but it’s only 200lb capacity.

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@Harold I love the description. “Offer a dramatic appeal to your yard by installing” LOL

Lol no kidding. Had to be a mix up. Who installs ladders for dramatic appeal?

Type 1a black tips is what I prefer. Heavy but safest. Blue tip Werner at the least if going two stories. I’d never use a homeowner duty ladder other than one story with little to no extension.

That’s what I have now. It’s definitely solid.

I have one of the Werner blue fiberglass ladders. It’s a challenge for one person to move.

I do t use ladders much at all. When I do I use the green tip Werner. I can extend it all the way out and clean out 2nd story gutters. I only weigh 185 though, and I’m not lugging tools or supplies up it.

I use ladders on 90% of my jobs. Shore houses all have 2 and 3 story decks. I have a 24’, 28’, 32’, and 40’. The 40 is a 2 man ladder and sucks. My employee this year couldn’t raise my 32’ 225lb (blue) rated ladder. I bought a 28’ 200 lb (red) rated ladder and it gets to the decks I used my 32 for just not over the railing but it is extremely light and not flimsy at all.

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I know guys hate ladders and I do too but I had no choice if I wanted to power wash in my area. You’ll get use to it. Fortunately for me I only use them to get onto the decks and I never clean while standing on them. Climbing over a railing 20 - 30 feet up scared the hell out of me when I started now it’s not even a thought.

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Same here. 1 in 5 have balcony’s. Not to mention some stucco dormers or 2nd level gutters. We use ladders several days a week. They suck.

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All aluminum, we use 20’ green tips werner 85%, A frames and 28’ blue tips the rest.

The werners are rated 225 and 250lbs for the 28’s.

The 28s are a bear to manage when fully extended :confused:

We use what takes up the least amount of space.

Picking a 20ft werner 375lb rated up mañana. Half off, like new. Its the extendable version, like the gorilla posted by KMP.

I have the 17’ knock off rated to… Something more than 200 lbs, I think it’s 275. But I am a taller dude and weigh in around 220 so it’s good for me if I have to haul something up.
Does the job about 90% the time, little heavier than the extension, but collapses small enough to fit inside my truck if I have to tuck it in so it doesn’t walk away. Was a good purchase on sale.

Werner 300 lb aluminum !! I’ve got some fiberglass ones I hate them. Just bought the 300 lb aluminum this year there awesome!! The 24 ft weighs 45 lbs.

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Those multi position are great for use as step ladder/A frame and dont take much room… i have a 12’ i keep in trailer, but i wouldnt trust them extended out to max height, they arent stable enough.

Saw one of these the other day… doesnt take much room up either.

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Not sure how much you use a ladder but have you ever considered getting one of these?

Honestly, that little ladder comes off about 5% or less the entire season.

Its comes off the truck maybe once every 50 washes.