Knock off muck boots

Last year I purchased a pair of knock off muck boots for surface cleaning. I loved them, they kept my feet dry and made me look incredibly sexy while wearing shorts. I went to the store and they no longer sell that brand. Anyone have a good knock off muck boot brand they can tell me. Mine still work, its just that I was doing pool work and they got permanently stained clay brown from the clay in the last mud pit. I’d prefer to get some made in the U.S., but most knock offs come from overseas. I just can’t justify $170 for original muck boots in my frugal mind.

On a side note, I believe that insoles are darn near required if you are going to be wearing them all day. 1-2 hours no issues, an all day gig, pigs are barking loudly most of the night. One old fat guys .02 and worth everything you paid for it.

Try these ,Not bad , I would buy again

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Are those boots loose around the calf? My muck boots were tight so trying to shove jeans into them in the middle of summer was awful. I’m looking for more of a loose fit slip on rain boot.

Yes those are loose on the calf. My favorite boots I wear em all year round and the slip resistant tread is great

IDK if these are any good or not. I may grab a pair just to have them at hand…

I don’t know anything about those specific boots, but a lot of duck boots have insulation in them. That would kill it for me, I only wear them in the warmer months. My rig is winterized and tarped while I hibernate. It was a crisp 2 degrees this morning, looking at a high of about 18. It will be a little balmy on sunday, 34 degrees means shorts :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m buying them for snowy weather days myself, so I’m hoping for some insulation…lol

16 out right now ,waiting for temp to get about freezing then we go washing. I hate Arkansas winters but atleast there not PA winters. Get them boots ,plenty of room around calf and comphy right out of box.

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It got super cold really early this year in Missouri. I try to remember these days really well so that when it’s 100F and I’m washing, I think to myself “It could be worse. I could be working in sub-freezing temps.”

And then after further reflection, I think to myself, “It could be even worse. I could be a rubber scrubber!”


Lol what is a rubber scrubber?

Dudes that warsh trucks haha. Aka, dudes that call us ‘plant killers’.

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Yep. Exactly. Fleet washing.

@Hotshot saw the light and did a deck. Maybe even some concrete. But I think the darkness grabbed him back.


I got a pair of those huk boots came in last week and holy sheez they are extremely comfortable fyi

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Just got a pair and I’m pretty happy so far! I put insoles in boots like these to help with the extra volume they tend to have that allows your foot to move around. I also have a pair of Shoes for Crews Boots from working BOH in restaurants that have lasted 6+ years and work great on greasy back decks and dumpster pads.


As a very frugal guy myself, Muck boots are worth the extra few dollars long term IMO, they last longer and the simple joy of comfort appeals to me. I can get more done comfortably. But I also work in Ohio and need the warmth, we do gutter cleaning in the fall/early winter. I found a pair of high cut waterproof Mucks at ■■■■’s for $109.99 on sale and outlasted my $40 boots about 3 months to 1 let alone the extreme comfort difference

Dickssportinggoods* is censored lol that makes sense


Its just better over here man ! No sales calls, no advertising, no Mrs Karen’s, More room for activities,Get to play in the cold temperatures all winter, I washed 2 banks and walkways , one 200’ ×60’ barn building, my house and 2 awnings,Good golly was it boring, I’m just meant to wash stuff that moves and has grease all over it in a gravel parking lot :man_shrugging:. And low pressure softwashing is like watching paint dry or reading back in the archives about when @Racer,@Garrycooper @Innocentbystander washed the ARK after it hit dry dock.



I hear you and understand that position. Shoes in general don’t last very long for me. I have a tendency to crack them in the toe area and the heels wear out, regardless of brand. I have tried dozens of hikers, from the $40-$180 range, they all wear out in about six months. I am attempting to do the same thing here with PW boots, that also allow me to play in the mud.

Those knock off mucks I bought don’t get worn all that often, so they are still around, I am just anticipating them blowing out pretty soon and they are scruffy looking from the mud. I think I paid $40 for them, they are mid calf, work well in mud and while running the surface cleaner and turbo (no gaps for the crap to go in). A pair of nice insoles for about 6 bucks and it is tacos in the bank for me. In my mind I buy two pair of those for one pair of mucks. Maybe the mucks are just that comfortable, I just don’t know.

I just know I will never ever do rubber boots again. Those things sucked. Plus if you don’t wear long/thick socks they will rub you raw. I’ll probably buy the boots hotshot listed and try them out (they were around the 60 price point), if they don’t work out I might try out the mucks.

Thanks for replying.