Kevlar hose, opinions?

Just bought this hose because it was half off, any opinions or experience with this?


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I just emailed the company about 250ft sections. Didn’t find any negative reviews. Curious to see how it works for you

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@DantheWindowMan I never knew they sold Kevlar braided pressure hose or ever looked for it, how many feet is in that roll? That’s some flexible stuff.

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How is the weight?

I swear I saw a video either on fb or YouTube of someone testing the Kevlar hose before they officially started selling it and the video make it seem like it was great

I’ve been working with it today, no complaints yet, it feels lighter, and it is definitely more flexible, seems great so far

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Princess Auto was only selling them in 100’ or 75’ sections

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How is it kink wise

Found this on YouTube.

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looks good but I’m sure it marks the floors


Dang it !! You stole my question …

I found the video! Gotta be part of the Facebook group to see it though.

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This is the caption of the post though.

“Hopefully Facebook doesn’t kill the quality to much.

For everyone that’s been asking,
Here’s a quick review on the new Kevlar Braided hoses from BlueBird/blue hose/blue shield, rmx industries.

This is their 1/2 prototype I’m field testing for them. Been using it the last two months.

Few little things to get used to out fo the gate from steel braided. Mainly the off trigger contraction/stiffness.

Extremely light, extremely flexible.

Press fittings need to be crimped tighter than on steel braided to make it bite or they’ll pop out under pressure.

Recommend a thick or double layer bend restrictor at the hose reel fitting to prevent tear and pull out.

Same with any hose, pulling the entire length out is best, I sometimes for a short quick wash only pull out what I need, but with the contraction in the hose when off trigger it makes a rat nest and have to pull it all out to despool it anyway.

Overall flow and pressure seems to be a lot better than in my steel braided.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Or contact Bob Isbell if you’re wanting order.

Wash on!“

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if you gotta have anything to do with the pwna to see the video, I’ll pass

Like I said in another thread and whole heartedly agree, fb pages are a joke but, the video does talk about the hose and show it in action


What I saw from the video was that It needs tighter fittings on the ends, the hose expands under pressure and contacts when not. Black hose can mark alittle, very flexible and lightweight. They only make up to 200 ft of continuous length

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@Max1 do you have this hose as well ?

Negative. I thought I seen some at the princess but didn’t think twice about it.

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It did mark concrete on me today, took 2 seconds to brush out, might get annoying