K7 setup question

I’m about to install this k7 on my 8gpm. I searched around Here and YT, think I’ve learned enough to set it up from this video. Will this work ?

Yes that’ll do.

Awesome Thanks

Finally got my k7 hooked up. I set it up per video. Question I have is, I adjusted it with the md5 adjustable nozzle it was around 2000psi, then I adjusted it for the white nozzle it went up to around 3400+ or -
So I set it back to the adjustable nozzle what I use 99. % of the time
I love how easy the trigger pull is and how it ramps up slow. I hope it works out. Don’t want to go back.
Can I expect my DS ratio to be the same? Didn’t have time to test it.image

That’s normal. You set it with the high pressure tips that came with the machine.

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Like @Harold said, I think you should set it with the other nozzles and not your M5.


Great, will do.

Ok I set it to the green tip got 4000psi ???
I thought the pump only made 3500psi
Are these gauges not accurate??
First pic is green tip second M5image

Put your m5 in the darn toolbox and don’t pull it out till you’re ready to do a job. It is not for adjusting as previously told you. Adjust your unloader using the green or white tip and leave it alone. I literally have not touched mine in 2 years.


Washed a house today, night and day, Thanks

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