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Hey guys I am new and I just wanted to say hello and thanks in advance for all of the help and happy to have such an awesome resource.

I live in San Antonio Tx work for a rebar company doing manufacturing, fabricating and hydraulic maintenance… started cleaning windows on the side about 6 months ago and randomly got a call for a bid on pressure washing and cleaning the grill vent filters of a local burger joint. I bid low because I wanted the work and they own about 15 restaurants in the area. Got the bid and so started looking for a pressure washer… of course I bought one too small (i know what you guys are thinking. ) 3100 psi 2.5 gpm and a 12in surface cleaner. I got my but kicked the first time. I thought it would take me 4 to 6 hrs ended up working all night 2 nights and having to go to work at 6 am the next morning… ill be going back on Tuesday with a better game plan to hopefully cut my time down to 6 hrs( I know thats still alot). I am just going to stick it out for now until I can afford the RIGHT equipment. The customer was really happy with my work none the less and wants to talk about me doing the other stores and they will have 15 more in 3 years he says so I am happy about that ( not counting my chickens before they hatch we will see what happens). I cleaned 30 grill vents, power washed the drive through and side walks. I used zep industrial purple degreaser ( we use that alot at my job to clean hydraulic gunk) it worked pretty good on the grease but not on the tire marks. I didn’t use full strength on those so I will try next that next time. I know I really need hot water and a better set up so I am going to rely on chemicals and longer dwell time for now.

So yeah that’s my experience thus far… I am open to any tips and pointers along with any criticism … Thanks alot yall. I know I need a better set up for sure 13 hp honda with 4gpm 4k psi is what im looking at and hopefully within a month or 2 can get that

I hope it’s Whataburger…such a great place…I wish we had them in ohio. Welcome :sunglasses:

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I hope you are not talking about the whataburger on Davis in Conroe… That place was NASTY!

Haha I wish! It is a great place though we just had that last night… Thanks for the welcome @Sharpe

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I know someone in that area, wanna negotiate a price to offer the guy and sell the contracts to me?

Well 1 I bid so low that nobody else would be dumb enough to do it and 2 I am kinda excited about it …hopefully can quit my job one day soon and start doing this full time @awesomewash2

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Never underestimate the dumbness of others. They will suprise you every time.

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me or him lol?

Your brand new to pressure washing and your starting off with reraurant/grills ??? Man that would be way to much risk for me to take when I started out… First word of advice., load up on the insurance.

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No shame in that!

I had to ask anyways :slight_smile:

Seriously though here is how you could do it. Charge them a one time cleanup fee of 3x what it would cost to do a place and use that as you initial cleanup fee. Then go back to a monthly or bi-weekly cleaning fee. You should be able to downstream EBC in a light concentration and pick up all the grease instantly. If they want 3 month cleanings charge them you 3x rate.

Dont let the price scare you, you can get 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon buckets.

Make sure you carry a MSDS!

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Thanks alot man I appreciate the advice! Haha doesn’t hurt to ask lol no harm no foul

Well its just the filters not the hoods and even that was tough enough I did get a 1million dollar policy though …

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I was talking about the concrete only. I have no knowledge of anything else related to fast food. I clean a sonic every once in a while.

Just assume me.

understood. what about tire marks on drive thru?

haha ok

I honestly have no idea. Someone else would be better suited to answer this one.

Fo sho… document everything. I think you have to use service labels that seal off access panelsand all kinds of stuff. There’s a guy in Texas who does exclusively vent hoods. I can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but in his breakout session at the Huge Convention he mentioned how huge the liability is and there’s a standard set of rules for vent hoods. If you don’t follow them to a tee and the place burns down from grease in the vent hood it’s basically your butt. I’ll find my notes from the convention, but, personally, wouldn’t touch another vent hood without at least the fire code/cleaning regulations.


I’d find everything I could on Michael Tessaro and Centex. I’d call him, check youtube, etc etc. Vent hoods aren’t typically a beginner’s endeavor.

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You may wanna buy this and read


Never touched a hood but i hear they are a pain and come with much liability.

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