Just a simple quote check

Hello guys,

Please take a look at this house and tell me what you guys think is a fair price and please disclose your geographical location. I am in the southeastern part of the US.

The deck is not included just the house. 2500 sq ft … so say the tax assessor.

Please advise

I think you’re missing a photo, of the area where the car enters the parking spot

250-300$ plus driveway, East central Florida

Thanks sir

The siding all the brick the front and front steps the front walk way Im at $500… drive way is a add on

UThat is what I was thinking :thinking: but how do you keep work and there is the guy with the 5 hp 2.5 gpm machine in the back of his pick up doing the whole thing for $150.00.

I am not trying to pay for my equipment out of the job. My only cost are fuel, chemicals, and insurance. However, it has to be worth you while. @Fatdaddy

I don’t think @JHH has a bad price although low it is doable.

Thanks @Fatdaddy

I wish i could charge more around here But I’m in the pressure washing capital of the world: Florida, where everybody’s buddy does pressure washing.
That price doesn’t include the deck, and the price could probably go up another hundy but that’s it :confused:

Id be in $300 range for house… maybe a tad more. There is no way $500 range would work around here in my experience.

I wish there were lots of 2500 sq ft, single story house around here. That would be nice.


Understood… @JHH

MY quote wasn’t acceptable as I was at $450.00. That didn’t include the deck, but it did include the front walk way and the parking garage pad. :face_with_monocle: No driveway @Fatdaddy

Realistically around here, probably be at $269 including front stoop.

Thanks sir,

I guess if I didn’t have a job I could be a little more realistic with my pricing. I work in Charleston SC @Racer how do you find the market down there in your area. Is it pretty consistent or is it a network type thing with sparse advertising.

I’m ok for now but don’t want to miss out on opportunities to generate work because I am over pricing myself.

So the customer agreed to $300 for the house, the walk and the drive way. Seems to be a bit low but right now there is not much going on.

Seems to be about 4.5 hours of work for 1 man. I can do that just to get some presence in this particular neighborhood. These guys trust their neighbors and the customer has visibility in this area.

Thanks again guys for all your feed back. @JHH, @Fatdaddy, @Donut, @Racer, and @Atlas1

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4.5 hrs?

Start to finish. 4.5 hours that will keep us above baseline. Baseline rate is $60 per hour. At 4.5 hours this job will be on target for $ 66.66 per hr. From roll up to roll out 1 man will and can do this job.

Even if it takes 5 hours we still come in at baseline. @Donut

10-4. Glad they accepted, make the money! Hopefullt can knock it out quicker.

Im a 1 man show as well… sometimes things drag on and just not having a good day, sometimes things fly.

I’m in Greenville. Just depends on the customer and the property. Not sure I would do everything for $300, see if you can get them to meet you in the middle or at least up to $350.

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These guys are tight. He has recommended a neighbor already. The neighbor text this evening for a quote. I have to go with what provides a presence in the local market.

These PW guys are cut throat out here. They are doing much more for the same amount. It is better to gain a repeat customer than to try to get it all in one job.

This customer has agreed also to an annual deal for the exact same price. We will try to sell him on the deck while we are there. @Racer I agree with you but I’m trying to build slowly and since I don’t advertise I have to let the work speak for itself.

A $40 an hour job at 8 hours pays $320 per day before taxes. That puts you in a 35% tax bracket for the FTW, OASDI FICA tax @ 7.65% and the STW is generally around 7 to 9 %. So on the high end you will receive about $160 for the day.

To make double that in half the time and maybe 25% going to cost. This job will yield $250 in a 1/2 day. Even at $100 in cost it will pay more than all day 8 hrs. on an $80 k per year job.

Thanks sir @Donut


I honestly dont understand much of what you said there… im a simple person. Call me wrong, call me whatever, but i like cash. I do a lot of cookie cutter 2 story houses in the $180-220 range… increase the price and offer them a 10-15% cash discount… a trip to the ATM for $30-40 savings normally works.

Unless i make a mistake im not working for $40 an hour. Like i said im a 1 man show… im a teacher and have summers and weekends off. Once April hits, i will try to book a job a weekend until we get out of school, more if demand is there. But with the little bitty machine i have had for last few years, 2.8 gpm , not many jobs have taken me 4.5 hrs. But if i do work for 4.5 hrs im ok with that, but ill let them know they won the first battle and next time itll be more. Time is money, but my overhead is low and a job is a job… but im not working for pennies on the dollar.


I agree. I am an IT consultant with a Fortune 500 company. So I travel every week like clock work. I have two 5 GPM Hotsy pw’s with 3000 psi. I can tie both machines together an increase my volume to around 10 GPM’s. I have been doing this on the side for 14 years and I started just like you. I had two Honda 5 hp engines at 2.5 GPM’s. The picture at the top was my first Hotsy 5 gpm unit and the bottom picture is my latest upgrade with an additional 5.2 gpm unit. God has blessed me to upgrade over the years. He was apart of my decision to do this and he has made provisions.

I can’t trust corporate America to feed my family. Don’t get me wrong the job affords us a decent life but when they find they can’t use you; they have no more use for you.

So this is my :rabbit2: in the hat :tophat:. All paid for and ready to make money. I am appreciative that God saw fit to trust me like he does, because I trust him.


Ahh i didnt put 2 and 2 together from the other thread. No way 4.5 hours… knock it out, get paid, and enjoy the afternoon.

May i ask… if 14 years, has it been in the same area?