J rod/4 was nozzle holder

Anybody else having issues with pressure tens 4 way j rod fitting the 1/4 qd’s easily? I’ve purchased two and they are extremely hard to remove from my qd’s , I’ve tested four different qd’s now

1 out of every 4 I order doesn’t work . I’m sure it has something to do with the way there being welded

The owner of pressure tek is telling me they don’t fit simpon couplers, but I’ve tried it on 4 differed 1/4" couplers, they even sent me a second four way and it’s having the same issues. When I emailed him and said then please send me one of your couplers that fits he replied I have to make a minimum order of $30

I didn’t order mine from bob . I think no matter where you order from there hit and miss.

I buy the nipples and QC.
Test them .
Then i have them welded on a bar to fit my gun