Is this a good pressure washer?

Hello I am new to the business and looking to start purchasing my equipment. I have narrowed it down to 2 different honda gx630 skids. One is 5.5 gmp the other is 4 gpm. I know the 5.5 is better but the price is a little steap. Also I was just looking to upgrade the pump down the line anyway. All in all is yhis a good one for the money?

No. Put down the catalog. Back away slowly to avoid getting hurt.

The report on support from Northern Tool is that it is lacking.

Use a known good supplier. Post back if you need recommendations.

The machine you post is a direct drive. That is fine for a shop unit but I must imagine that you are going to take this show on the road. A direct drive will leave you in a lurch in no time flat.

The price is not steep. Your budget is just too cheap.

Do not fall for the trap that you’ll just change out the pump later. You won’t. Not anymore than you would buy a new truck with a 4 cylinder with the idea that you’ll just drop a 12 valve cummins in it when you realize that it is under powered.

Now that I have given you news that you did not wish to hear, how may I assist you?

The Truth Hurts unfortunately

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:cool:Thanks a lot Tim, I bought my Mazda B2300 with 4 Cylinders thinking I would upgrade it to 8 later down the road.

Just wondering what exactly is a direct drive? Also is this complete trash for what I want to do?

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The most economical hot water pressure washing set up is the Honda 5.5 gpm 2500psi GP pump Belt Drive at KEC for 1,399. Then add a hot box for around 1,700 and for 3,100 and a small generator your hot water ready. Doesn’t get cheaper than that…

Do a google search “pressure washing forum direct drive vs. belt drive”

Complete trash? No. A waste of time and unnecessary expense? Yes.

Oh ok i see. Thanks for the advise. I will return it in the morning.

An yes there service there was crap. I felt like i shouldn’t have purchased it just because of that. I guess you get what you pay for.

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Guess I’ll go with the 5.5 belt drive from local pressure works store. Thanks guys!!

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Do you really need hot water to start out? Are you just doing residential? If so I would hold off of the hot water for now and get one of the unit’s Brett was talking about or get a 8gpm cold water pressure pro for 3k. Don’t spend all of your money for equipment and not have enough for marketing. That’s the big mistake that most make, me included

So you think this is more like it? Can I add hot watter later still? Also do I have to have it with the wheels or should I mount it? I have an enclosed trailer

Are you washing residential or commercial?


Great unit that is what I got … Get it on a skid and yes you can add a hot box at any time

Definitely get a skid and mount it. We don’t move pressure washers we move hoses. You’re gonna want 200+ ft of hose to go with that. I personally use 250ft. When i pull up to the front curb of a property i walk up to the house with a water hose in one hand and a pressure washer hose in the other before I even knock the door. In addition you will also need a buffer tank for 8gpm, downstream injectors, Hi flow guns that will not restrict your downstreamer (12+gpm capacity), downstream nozzles, water hose, surface cleaner, and a couple of reels. Don’t be afraid to check Craigslist. I have a whole rig built from Craigslist…no kidding. Once you make some money buy a hot water skid, then you will have two machines. At some point one of them will go down and you will be relying on the other. If I had 3k or more to spend just starting out I would find the least expensive used belt drive and then the other items that i mentioned above. I used to hide my hose reels in my work van because I didnt want people to see them. They were used garden hose reels that I got at a yard sale…but hey they reeled up my hoses. I just had to plug them in every time. Any extra cash i would put into a website. I’m not trying to pretend to know your financials…8gpm is definitely the standard and is a worth while investment. I’m just thinking back on my own experiences.

Direct drive maybe good for a home owner but never for a contractor and here’s why. The pump on a direct drive unit is being turned by the motors drive shaft which is spinning at 3600 rpm’s. So what that means is the pump is spinning just as fast. After use by a professional contractor like yourself, the pump will burn out and then you’ll have down time which will cost you money. In my case I had to buy a direct drive PW once because I needed a 3rd machine for a job. The direct drive lasted around 8 hrs and the pump burnt out. I took it back to the store and received my money back. Later that week I bought another belt driven unit and we still have it today.

Either belt(best)driven PW or gear driven PW is acceptable for contractors but leave the direct drive with the homeowner who may put 4 hrs a yr on it and they’ll probably burn it up to within those hours.

Awesome info and thank you as well john! I am looking at the 8gpm pressure washer at pressure tek so i will go with that an purchase all the extras i need that you mentioned.

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Oh an last question… Will I be able to do most jobs without hot water or will I be slightly limited. An what will i not be able to do without hot?

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[MENTION=8297]bermudaone[/MENTION] That was a great post by Lee. You will be amazed at how much the “other” stuff will add up to. You should be able to do almost everything except commercial flat work and popping gum without hot water. I don’t know your situation as far as are you going to do this part-time (do you have another job), how much money you are going to have left after your equipment purchases, etc. Just don’t spread yourself too thin and be cash strapped. There is nothing wrong with getting a unit like was mentioned before for under $1500. A 5.5gpm 2500psi is all you need to do residential. I bet if you wait till the end of the 2014 season you can pick up a 5.5 or better hot water cheap off of craigslist when people start going out of business.

You need to make a list of everything and sort it into needs, wants and must haves.

Buy only what you must have, the needs you can purchase as you get going.

It is easy to pick a number to spend but if you start spending before you know what you really need you are going to run out of money.

Any business always costs more than you think it will cost to start, there are things that come to mind that pop up that you did not think of when you set your initial budget.

You need a plan to get it off the ground or you are going to run out of money and limit yourself to a period of slow growth because you do not have the money to operate at the level you want to be at.