Is my math correct?

Hey guys I’m not great at math but I think I got it right. I was hoping someone could clarify it for me. If I wanted a 3% solution hitting the roof and I was drawing from a 50gallon tank using 12.5% I would need roughly 19 gallons of SH and 31 gallons of water? I figured that out buy dividing 19/50= 38% so 38% of my 50 gallon tank is SH I then divided 38% by 12.5% = 3.04% hitting the roof. Is my math correct? Is this how you correctly figure out mix ratios?


X / 12.5%

3% needed mix

3% / 12.5% = well say 0.25% for simplicity.

50 gallon mix tank multiplied by 0.25%
Gives you 12.5 gallons of SH at @ 12.5% in a 50 gallon mix tank for a 3% ratio

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15 gallons of sh to 35 gallons of water is 3%. Just like 30 gallons of sh to 70 gallons of water is 3%. Simple math. Dont over complicated this easy trade.


12sh / 50 x 12.5 = 3

Seriously why are you guys making this so freaking hard on yourselves with all this math. It is actually pissing me off. Stop over thinking.

I will write this for the last time. Use the 100 ratio.
1%= 10 gallons of sh to 90 gallons of water
2 %= 20 gallons of sh to 80 gallons of water
3%= 30 gallons of sh to 70 gallons of water
4% = 40 gallons of sh to 60 gallons of water
5%= 50 gallons of sh to 50 gallons of water

If you use a 50 gallon tank then divide the numbers above by 2.

I hope to not see another thread on this subject…


We will, and another on insurance, Down streaming , stripes on a driveway, rinsing roofs, backpack sprayers, injector not pulling. Using SH tablets. All with 10 min of read time. I can think of more. Give me a bit.

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People should go back to school

You and me both. Wish I could give you a double like on this one.

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There should be a mandatory agreement that if a questions is asked about the same subject that the poster should have to make a 10 dollar donation towards the forum. If it is just a straight up dumb question ( yes there is a such thing as a dumb question despite what your mama told you) then it should be a 20 dollar donation.

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It’s called an internet forum open to the public. anybody who doesn’t want to see certain threads can mute them in their controls. Anybody who doesn’t like the content or the repeated questions can simply spend time online elsewhere. Why bother coming to a thread that you have no interest in to just comment on the fact that you have no interest in it?


What? Becuase the question has been answered a million times. If people would spend a little time reading they wouldn’t have to post stupid questions…that’s why.

People asking the same question over and over gets old to you.

People complaining about people asking the same questions over and over gets old to me.

We’re basically saying the same thing about different subjects.


Cool… Ill just stay away from the forum. I don’t contribute much anyway… You guys have fun…enjoy the summer…

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Nah I wrote that for the last time. I’m gonna bounce outta here for a little while. You guys have fun answering the same crap over and over to guys who just want to be spoon fed and not put any effort into their business but want to be millionaires over night…


Ya gotta have thick skin here man. Most seasoned fellas on here are full timers ,pulling in big boy money, rigs and crews. So yeah, after a long day some are a lil cranky. But most come on here and give solid advice,weed out the rest. You’ll get crap from time to time. But hey, It’s free a solid advice,. Plus entertainment to boot ,were you gonna get all that ?Lol. So relax and learn from these ppl @dcbrock . They know who they are. And use the @sign
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Thing is, I belong to other forums as well, and none are anywhere near as snarky as this one. You guys have so much knowledge and experience, we new(ish) guys appreciate that, but the level of negative remarks is astounding.

Is there some way to block certain names…or am I going to be hazed for not ‘doing a search’?:laughing:

I don’t belong to any other forums,no Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc bla,bla. I can barely keep up with this one @dcbrock .lol. But I did try PWI once in the beginning. Once.I think I’m gonna stick around right here. Bunch of really nice fellas on here,with a noggin full of knowledge. Who says ya can’t put lipstick on a pig to make it pretty !! :joy::joy:


I appreciate everyone’s help. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a negative post. I’m a new guy, and This forum has helped a lot and most responses have been helpful and positive. Hopefully I won’t get crucified for saying this the problem is while the search button is a fantastic resource it’s not a be all end all feature. I can’t speak for all the new guys here but I ALWAYS use the search button and I read a lot. I don’t belong to any other forums but I’ll google the question and try to find it from other resources ( if the search button dosent yield results) I used the search button, i found past threads on the subject none of them fully answered my question and the math was still confusing me. So I kept useing the search button, I found some examples of how to do the math in past posts. Which let me to originally create this thread, showing my math and asking for corrections, if I was wrong. Isn’t that what the forum is for? After you search and read something if you still don’t 100% get it you can ask for help? The problem is everyone just assumes I/we didn’t try and search (and some don’t I’m sure) it’s just not always the case. I don’t want to cause issues I love being able to use the forum and ask for help. I just don’t understand taking the time to actually respond if an negative way.

I’m fairly new to this industry too and definitely don’t post or give advice unless I’m really certain it’s solid advice. I have spent a ton of time in the search bar. This forum has everything you need to learn and probably helped me more then any other resource.

I joined some Facebook groups and a lot of those groups are ruthless. I don’t care much for them at all. Seems like every time I look it’s someone videotaping another washer and making fun of them or just a lot of attacks; disgusting. Industry would be better as a whole if everyone helped instead of attacked and I think this place is probably the closest you’ll get.

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