Insurance Premiums

What are the increases, if any, from year to year with your insurance premiums?

I shopped mine last year after my old company was going up over 1K, no claims on it and got the price down almost 300.00 for the same coverage.

J Walters just increased my to $1,900. I’d leave in a second but I can’t find an agency to cover me up to 3 stories, in my state, under their price. I called every agency mentioned here too.

I am covered to 3 stories…$1054 annually.

From year to year is what im curious about.

Cheapest I’ve been able to find so far is $1200, which I think I might get in a day or 2, all others including Walters have been between 1600-1800

I haven’t had a single premium increase in 3 years. Scottsdale Insurance. Underwritten by nationwide. No vehicles. 3 stories. $2 mil.

Do you know if they write in IL too?

No clue. My local guy who holds all my auto, life, and business insurance found it.

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Hiscoc just quoted me 10k a year. Ofc I hung up. Local seems the way to go

Scottsdale doesn’t write in NJ. @JimLuke do you mind telling me who you have for insurance. I’d like to give them a call

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Comparing insurance isn’t always apples to apples. What is the $1200, or $1800 etc, getting you. My local insurance guy covers, renters insurance on shop, all my commercial vehicles, umbrella policy, care custody and control, “business” insurance, workers comp, disability, and maybe other stuff I don’t remember. Rates change based on driving records of the employees, workers comp changes weekly as it is based on payroll. They bill me monthly for insurance fees. It is never the same price as things fluctuate. Don’t get wrapped up in the lowest price or one size fits all insurance plan.

I’m in Dallas Texas. My insurance is through Gaslamp and it’s $890/year. I pay $67/month for general liability 1mm


J walters has care custody and control in their obscenely priced plan. If everyone is quoting prices without care custody and control I might not be paying that much after all. I wouldn’t get a policy without it.

I’m in Austin. I’ll need to give them a call Monday morning.

I just called Gaslamp and was quoted at about $900 but does not include care custody and control. The Gentleman told me that I was the first pressure washer to ever mention it and said that it just covers things that I take from a clients house and drop off at another location. Is that correct?

That’s the definition they give you over the phone when they’re trying to sell you a policy. Many carriers have a much broader definition when it comes time to try and make a claim…

So what would care custody and control cover that the basic 1/2/1 wouldn’t?

From what I’m gathering, care custody and control covers property that is not real property. So I’m washing a house and I knock a flower pot over, that flower put is covered with care custody and control. But let’s say I’m washing a house and I break off a piece of a limestone patio wall, that would be covered under general liability?