Insurance Premiums

The way I understand it is that the CCC is applied to the item you are actually working on.

For instance, if you cause discoloration to siding from washing it improperly, you’re not covered for that damage unless you have CCC coverage. Their argument oftentimes is that if you’re working on an object, it’s under your Care or Control. (Custody applies to things you take with you off site, as I understand it)

However, if you cause damage by accidentally overspraying onto an item that you weren’t working on, then general liability should cover that, since it wasn’t in your Care or Control.

That’s my understanding, anyway

Side note: that’s gotta be one pricey flower pot if you’re looking to make a claim, lol


Well see I haven’t had a lot of on the job training but yesterday I moved about 12 flower pots, just talking with experience here haha.

From what I’ve read and been told by agents ccc is anything your working on. If you damage siding or brake a window you need ccc. The reason I want insurance. Seems like companies emphasize ccc when they have it included and when they don’t they minimize it.