Insurance for New Pressure Washing Companies- Here to answer any questions

Pauls Pressure Washing LLC has used my services and I have helped answer numerous questions for other members in this forum via his referrals.

I wanted to introduce myself and see if I can be of any assistance to new business owners.

Depending on the state you operate in you may be required to have the following.
1- Workers Compensation
2- Disability
3- General Liability

Once you form your corporation, your next step is obtain General Liability. Workers comp & Disability will NOT be needed until you hire employees and have payroll.

Please use me as a resource for your insurance questions.

Thank you

Joseph Muller

Account Executive

AssuredPartners Northeast, LLC.

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Hi, can you provide workmen’s comp in Florida to clean roofs?

Will you physically be on the roofs , or spraying from the ground to the roof?

On the roof

That’s not a easy placement, but it’s definitely possible.

How many employees and what is the payroll?

I’ll pm you

Custody and control vs general liability seems an issue of question

Can you elaborate on your question?

Some think that when doing pressure washing we need custody and control coverage.
I dont believe we do.
I think it is already covered under general liability

Custody and control is for items once they are in your possession.

Dry cleaner.

Auto repair shop

Shoe repair

If you do this work at your clients home then it’s liability , if you take possession of the items with the intent to return then you would need that coverage .


We don’t need voluntary property damage insurance after all?

Well it depends who is requesting this coverage.

If you’re working for a GC that requires it than that is a diff story

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I wouldn’t be quick to take @NYGiants516 answer as gospel. I’m sure he’s a great agent, but I know for a fact that people in our profession and in window cleaning have been denied claims due to not having CCC coverage. Some of those individuals got the same answer from their agents prior to having their claims denied.

The loophole that the adjusters use, is that they read the ccc exclusion as “Care, Custody, OR Control”. So even when an item may not be in your custody or control, if it’s under your Care, then it is excluded from coverage.

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Bingo Alex. I’ll trust my local Eirie agent that goes to my church over some guy on the internet with a sports team for a name trying to pitch insurance for Jamie lol


That’s possible depending on the insurance company and the forms they provide in the policy.

Some carriers have better than others.

Erie is a great company with a very broad form. You’re in good hands with them.

You’re more than welcome to research our brokerage. We are currently the 13th largest in the country with over 1 billion in sales.

If you would like any literature or policy forms I can provide samples.

Lastly, who is Jamie?

A good example would any basic contractor.

IE. Roofing, masonry, carpentry.

Faulty work would fall under Products & Completed operations. If that coverage is provided.

Or any accidental damage to the home would fall under GL.

Like I said previously , every form / policy is independent of the next.

We don’t write with Erie so I can’t speak for their policy…



Both of you…aggggg, bith have good points and make me doubt, got to call my agent again.

As many know i ran a residential cleaning too, and have asked about cc&c several times… cause of you!!!

I am in clients home all the time, and because of you have asked many questions with many scenarios.
Moving stuff, dropping stuff, scratching floors, damaging tvs, etc…
And always been told the same… I am covered.

No idea why all agents arent on the same page…

If i approach this as “agent wants to make money by writing more policies” then I am sure any agent would like to write more endorsements.

What a cannundrum

Every insurance company has forms that are independent from the next.

If your policy is written by a company that specializes in a specific class, that form will be stronger than a company who doesn’t.

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