Instant pricing - Online Booking. Who’s doing it?

This year I’m going to instant pricing and online scheduling.

Consolidated services, may add roofs again…not sure yet.

I already know many will say “you can’t do that” “our industries different”

Goal is to streamline the process, when a 40 year old mom is drinking wine on a Saturday night and see my Facebook ad she converts to a paying customer, not a lead.

Honestly most houses around me are similar and I use standard pricing already except for the one off mansion. That will still apply.

I think the only reason why I’m giving it a try is that I’ll have 4 employees and 3 trucks and I don’t schedule 40-60 hours a weeek…stick around


30-35 hour a week, so it allows for flexibility in scheduling

Here is the link, Before this page there is a landing page that details everything on depth

Let me know what you think


What about the dark colored hardi board houses you don’t like. You won’t know till you show up what suprises the house has in store.

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Will you schedule a job for $29.99 if a person only wants a patio cleaned?


Glad you asked, landing page will state “Vinyl” only!!

And as soon as they book, a text gets sent to them


No, there is a minimum you can put in Markate’s settings. That will reject the order and say there is a 249.99 minimum

I’m still getting it all set up

Nice. I like the idea but I’m thinking of dumping Markate. Your online booking page has me re-thinking that. Are you still using April to answer your phones?

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Yes, actually was talking with her todaya our this. Part of this process is to make it to so they can give estimates over the phone just using the link through my website. Which will capiture the customers data, and schedule without having to log in to markate.

Best thing is when someone orders online and schedules, it automatically adds them as a customer in markate and schedules the work order for you.

Just like online bookings, the phone bookings will be told that our sales manager (me lol) will looks over all orders and will reach out if something isn’t right.

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I like the page. I would add a few more options for bigger driveways and decks. Also maybe something saying what it doesn’t cover like decks or roofs as a cya.

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I’ve been back and forth with markate, going to give it one more season and hopefully they can work out some of the bugs


I will definitely look at that. I am dropping decks this year, as it was about 3% of our revenue last year and about 80% of our headaches.


Also the idea, which I have to figure out how to communicate it effectively is that the online booking will work for about 95% of our residential customers… some who have super long driveways, 7k sq ft houses etc will stilll have to call and wait for a custom quote


You’ve got your minimum charge. Maybe add a maximum sq ft for houses. The average around me is around 2000sqft. Dunno how that would work for the homes with walk out basements though

Maybe have a blurb about if something you want cleaned isn’t listed to call for a custom price.

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We feel the same for wood fences…pita

I like that, it is slick. The customer database is nice. Decks only 3%, oh man, that is kinda scary info for me.

I like it. A lot of guys in my area have basically the same thing on Thumbtack. Makes sense and if it’s easier for the customer it’s a win.

Here’s my online booking page. It has worked well. Customers seem to like it. You definitely need to advertise it and push it. It’s nice to wake up in the morning to booked jobs while you were asleep.


I don’t like how the link comes up with the HCP logos. Only compliant so far.

Really nice site. Clean and the pictures really help you visualize if your house fits into that category.

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