Injector with check valve

Has anyone tried those new check valve adapters fir the injector? You remove the ball and spring and attach it. Supposedly last longer and have higher draw rates


Edit: I don’t believe the roof washing claim.

It’s just a check valve with an adapter. Might be able to source it. Not sure if it’s custom or not but I seen a few vendors offering it on Facebook groups!2966!3!320184961800!!!g!538298254449!&gclid=CjwKCAjwusrtBRBmEiwAGBPgEzHIEFBJdk14K84BGqNKWj36Jn9ZksAtcfeYr_IZ4BWDrH_svKacrBoCU3QQAvD_BwE

Who would shop with Grainger? Those SS checks are like $20 and even less on eBay.

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Didn’t even look at the price. Posted the first link that came up.

Sorry I just despise seeing their name anywhere lol carry on and don’t mind me

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No worries. Doesn’t look like much to carry on lol. Might have to try it for myself. Really no need, I’m just curious. The rain needs to stop

Ha, we have been washing non stop the past two days in the RAIN. Each truck saw 20 plus hours in the field. Rain or shine day or night!

We did a quick flatwork job, then a house wash in rain suits. Roof scheduled after that so had to cancel. I was off by 12:00. Not complaining, I got some errands done and wasted time on the internet. 4:30am tomorrow and then hopefully voodoo fest.

Yeah man ! Were still out washing till around 0300 tomorrow morning, got the boot dryer on an extension cord in the pickup truck.
Bank that coin brother Dez !

I’m cutting even :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol

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Wasted some time and money on amazon. Seems to be a hobby of mine. Preparing for the 3 days of winter that Louisiana will see.

I’m the same way but I’m on eBay scrolling through thousands and thousands of listings after using the vaguest search terms. I’m going to order those gloves because I have some DeWalt ones like that but they are not Waterproof like those say they are. Thanks for that link

Sure thing. First time ordering. Generally speaking I trust amazon reviews after reading through 10 or so. You can usually spot the paid reviews. eBay is great to, although I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to.

I would like to know if anyone has assembled one of these themselves? Price tag seems steep:

Hey, if you don’t have to replace the injector any more and it pulls a bit harder, I’m game.

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Man, I have been fighting with stuck injectors so much lately, I am sick of it. I am happy to pay for this thing, but I don’t know why I haven’t heard of people on this forum using it.

I’m afraid most here oppose it on principle. They make unrealistic claims at an exorbitant price.

If they simply said, “this’ll pull just like a regular injector or a little better, and it’ll last longer… and, it’s only $75…”, then I feel like more people would be jumping on board.

I plan on ordering a 1/4” stainless check valve to play with whenever I put in my order with Dultmeier. The valve is ~$18.

Edit: I just read the description on that link. That actually sounds a lot better. He doesn’t claim that it pulls 80% better or some nonsense like that. Still a tad pricey, but everyone’s gotta make a profit. It’s about $25 in parts, at most.