Injector with check valve

So has anyone had a play with one?

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Supposedly it pulls about 20% better so say you save 2 gal of SH per house wash @ $3/gal then your payback would be relatively quick

Regardless of how fast or slow you use it, I think it still takes X amount of bleach to wash a house.


I’d try it. I’d like to build it myself though.

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Does the check valve open and close with the change of high and low pressure or does it just open at a certain psi and stay open?

It has a cracking pressure of less than 1 psi. So it should work exactly like the check ball in a regular injector: opens when on low pressure and it’s sucking chem, closed when on high enough pressure tips and the suction stops.

Edit: I guess in theory, it might require a slightly higher pressure point before it stops drawing chems. I have no idea what the cracking pressure is on a standard injector.


Now I know why your wife keeps the books, lol.

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I ordered a couple today. Will report in a week or 2. Been having a bad run on DSI’s lately. You still need to flush these, even though SS.


I don’t see what’s wrong with William’s view on this one. If anything, drawing too strong a mix will end up wasting your bleach.

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Reason I said you could reduce your bleach in your mix tank by that amount, ie add more water. Maybe I’m wrong. Won’t be the first time, but I’ll find out. Talking to Chris, who makes it, they’re able to adjust their metering valve on the SH downward by that much if not more.

Sure, you’ll have to dilute your mix in the tank more, because you’ll be going through it faster.

It’s like when people don’t use metering tips with an xjet. They have to refill their soap bucket constantly.

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That is probably correct. You know I have to much respect for you to ever argue with you :slight_smile:

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You’re right @Infinity. But not the reason I bought it. I just said you could save some on bleach. If I’m spraying more mix then I’m soaping less time to get results. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll see, but don’t really care since that’s not why I’m buying. But based on Chris’s results, he’s using less bleach. and I have no reason to doubt him. So who even cares. I’ll either be happy with it or not.

When I was using my 4gpm I would maybe use 3-4 gals of bleach per house. Now with my 8 I use almost double that for the same house. But ask me in a month or so and I’ll know.


ROFLOL, good one.

well, not mean arguing anyway lol. You know where my heart is.

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Awesome, glad you stepped up. I really didn’t want to be the guinea pig.

Thank you Racer!!!

@Infinity - well our disagreement was for naught. Used the check valve today, only had a few minutes to test, but with my current injector pulled 28 oz of mix in 30 sec. Put the check valve on the same size injector that I had pulled off couple of weeks ago because ball was sticking in oring but once freed would work fine rest of day. Pulled 20oz of mix in 30 seconds. Repeated test several times and once for a minute with same results. Will do a lot more this weekend, including putting it on the same injector and trying the other one I got to see if results are different.

I like the idea of having a no problem injector, but not sure I want to be pulling 20% less mix. Plus I was just running thru my ball valve, want to see how it does with nozzle on it. So another hour or so I’ll have a lot more results but will be this weekend before I have time to mess with it.


@Racer, what did you use as an adapter between the check valve and injector body?

I’m late to this thread…if I’d seen it earlier I would have saved you some money, @Racer. I bought one last year, caring less about drawing more SH and more about not having to replace it as often. I started using it in July of last year and had to replace it last month, which is about average for me, so I gained no advantages noted at all. Not worth the extra money, in my experience.