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Hey guys I’m on a few other sites and have a legal firm in south Florida willing to do a class action law suit against the paint issuesa we have been having I noticed a few posts on here where fellow pressure washing companies have had this happen. I’ve been washing homes for 13 years using a 20 water/1SH we wash home and within one month two homes changed colors the paint rep said it was an organic pigment when I asked how they recommend washing it they had no suggestions! We are washing with a weaker strength SH than their site recommends but still got sued for $18k. I am needing info to forward on to this legal team so we can all stay in business and keep doing what we love! This is an industry issue not a Personal is we!

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Couple of things.
Why were you sued and not your insurance company?

Why do you need to do leg work for your law firm?

I hate it happened to you but I’ve never heard of it happening to those that avoid the problem colors. $18k is a lot for a re paint. Must have been a huge house. I assume you offered to repaint it, why the law suit?

As IBS kind of stated, what color were the houses and what kind of siding material was it? Did it happen immediately or by coincidence is it something that was added to the home/siding by homeowners?

We were actually working with the owner we have 60 gallons of paint he was supposed to pick up and had a painter lined up but instead of meeting us we got served papers! The two houses were 2 different shades of blue and hardiboard no we didn’t notice right away or the entire house wouldn’t have been washed as you know hardy board dries a bit different than other siding. Our insurance company and lawyer told us that the homeowner needed to go after the paint company but didn’t!. I am not doing all the leg work I am just getting enough info for them to get started as class action law suits are touchy especially against larger companies. The legal team has to make sure it is one brand of paint not all! And like I said this is the first time in 13 years this has happened and we have washed those color homes before without a problem.


This may not be the place to have them search. I have been telling people for almost 20 years not to wash blue, green, brown or red houses. Vinyl or painted. Color fade and color change can occur. Show us some pics. 60 gallons will paint a lot of houses in my area code. Figure 12 gallons for a 2400 sq ft home, and that’s two coats. Introduce yourself, give us some details. I’m not sure you have a class action lawsuit in your hands, but I’m no lawyer lol. If a suit was legit, insurance companies would have already sued Sherwin Williams and the vinyl manufacturers. Chalk it up to a learning curve and be glad you have a good care, custody and control policy to cover it. If you don’t, your learning curve was still educational, just more expensive.


Yes there is a class action in place I have many others who have been effected. I’m Not doing this for me paint companies would not be giving paint away if they were not admitting some guilt. So let’s day you change your oil and the company changes the formula and then your motor blows chalk that up as a learning curve?

Your syntax and writing are hard to follow. But yes, if I knew that a certain oil formula had changed 20 odd years ago and put it in my car, the fault would be on me. Not the oil, which works in 99 percent of the other cars, me. Again, introduce yourself and give us the details. No one is going to help a random, nameless internet poster who tells us it takes 60 gallons to paint a house, or two.

Because of the epa all paint manufacturers had to stop using many ingredients including some pigment. The pigments used now in colors like red and greens are extremely expensive. Many manufacturers have been trying to find substitutes.
As far as your law suit. It’s not your problem to solve . Let you Insurance company handle it. All the questions your asking mean nothing in a law suit. You may think there job is to win but it’s not . There job is to extort money by racking up hours and fees . Believe me this is what they will do.
If you end up getting sued civilly you will loose if the homes showed no sign of damage before cleaning. There is a statue in Florida law that says basically that. Hopefully you have insurance because that’s what it’s for

Have you heard of 30A google it this was a smaller house around here! And everyone has opinions I myself want to stay in business and help fellow pressure washers! I know what I am doing and will continue to do it I will take care of my customers and do the best job I can! I’m not here to argue just here for support and information.

Googled 30A and it appears to be eco friendly beach ware. Once again, introduce your self if you are actually wanting feedback. Stay and research here and you may avoid more messes like the one you are in now.

I’ll wash any vinyl house… and deal with the oxidation issues as they come (one or two houses a year we 2 step to fix)… but I’ll never touch Hardi again.

You stopped me in my tracks right there! :+1:


I can’t log in I made an account and there is a page error! I’ll reset my phone and try again! Not here to hurt were to help! I have enough information and have already done all the leg work I hope y’all join in the lawsuit later on down the road!

Introduce myself?

My name is Trudi Weickum I along with my husband own and run classic touch pressure washing in the Florida panhandle! I have 3 children and 1 grandchild! I have attended multiple pressure washing conventions and classes I buy the newest equipment and stay on top of all the new procedures. We have been in business for 13 years and are the largest pressure washing company in the area. I have been working on this for almost a year and wanted others to be able to be a part of this lawsuit in order for us to get some sort of resolve so we can all donor jobs without the fear of ruining people homes because of a lack of information by paint companies! I will gladly answer any questions anyone may have and welcome any information y’all have. Thank you!


Thanks Trudi. We’ve had several troll posters some of which use new identies to disrupt. A little transparency helps a ton. :+1:

Thanks Trudi. Call me and I’ll give you what I can. William 9195243875

I’m considering having my lawyer draw up a waiver for painted surfaces such as Hardie Plank. I doubt it’s the answer but it would be nice to have something in writing that states I warned the customer about paint pigment issues and they agreed to proceed anyway.

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Stupid Facebook

Yeah, I thought that was weird. Lol.

What about providing a warning in the estimate. Stating that painted surfaces could blah blah. If they hire you then they are notified in writing. It would be hard to say they didn’t know that the paint could change color.