Industry Paint issues


If you just stay away from the bad colors you have no worries. If your insurance knows you know it is a risk, they may not cover


I stay away most of them. If I see a potential issue I make it known to the customer in my estimate as a cya.


We have washed a dark blue home for years with no issues it’s the brand’s pigment that causes issues.


You have a $18k judgement against you from washing the wrong color house I thought. Stay away from the 4 colors and you’ll be ok. It’s not just painted houses, it’s vinyl also.


It’s actually a growing problem with paint additives too. there are anti mold/mildew additives people can add to paint. These are honest to goodness EPA registered things…and they are causing yellowing of the paint over time. This type of lawsuit is going to continue. IPBC ( Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate) is an issue and the paint companies know it…but the alternative is permethrin, and that is killing Bees…they are in a rock and a hard place. Paint on the shelf will grow mold unless a preservative is added…but the preservatives that are suitable for paint are causing problems.