Increasing bleach potency?

I bought a drum of SH last November with the assumption I would still have a few jobs before packing it in for the winter.

That never materialized.

I am a proud owner of 55 gallons of fairly weak bleach, is there some way to increase potency a bit, maybe add some lye? I probably won’t be using it until late February.

I think I heard long ago adding white vinegar would help it. You’ll have to research that get the details. Or I could just put you down for a Gold Standard DS Injector. They pull like no other so you can get your dilution ratio up for that weak bleach! :wink:


Do not add vinegar to bleach. It will result in chlorine gas formation


I’d like one. Are they ready? I’ve been reading your posts.

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Should be finished in a week or two! I’ll post a YouTube link in the Prototype thread explaining the differences so you can see what all the fuss is about

Very cool - I’m buying my 8gpm machine this week and installing. It comes with a downstream injector. I have a lot of commercial jobs coming up so it will be good to compare.

Stepping that equipment game up I see. Congrats on getting that work coming in! It will be nice when you can rely on SOLID equipment to get you through your jobs without a hiccup. This work is hard enough without adding unnecessary issues into the mix!

Which one did you end up getting?

I decided on the Pressure Pro cold water. 8gpm/3500-gx690. It will mount on my service body. I haven’t picked it up yet, planning on that this week. I really wanted heat, but can rent a trailer unit if I need to have heat. Still need a fuel tank and a surface cleaner. I’m thinking about the whisper was big guy. I may need a smaller one but we’ll see how it goes.

The Pressure Pro skid should come with a fuel tank. Granted they’re not very big but it will suffice.

I think it does, but since I’ll be installing anyway, I think I’m gonna go ahead and get a 15/17 gallon fuel cell and mount it while I’m at it. Ext to the washer over the cabinets. A couple of weeks ago Rick mentioned that with the smaller tanks it doesn’t take long to run them dry. I have a couple of bigger jobs coming up and one of them I’ll have to fill my water tank via fire hydrant (no external plumbing in office complex) so want to reduce the amount of time I need to get more gas. I believe the gx690 drinks about a gallon an hour.

That sounds about right. I think mine came with a 7 gallon tank so it’s somewhat rare that I have to refill during the day with it but on occasion I will have to. I use the “off-road” VP racing fuel cans and I can refuel in about a minute. It would be nice to have a larger cell though.

i just got a used 23 gallon boat tank, for fitty. deals to be had.

That is a good deal! If I go with a larger tank in the future I’ll probably go with an aluminum unit just purely for the looks.

Mixing fresh SH with old SH definitely seems to wake up the old stuff quite a bit. My supplier only carries the 4 gallon cases which means I can just get it as I need it during the slow times. I wonder if @CaCO3Girl would have any advice on extending the shelf life of bleach or bringing some old stuff back to life.

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Did you test it? What is it measuring? If not, how/where did you store it? Cool & dark you’d probably be fine. Ours goes 2-3 months with no noticable issue, went 6 months last spring


I find that if I don’t change things from the get-go I end up incorporating it into what I do. If I use the 6 gallon, then get used to it, it will take me a while to get it swapped out. (Until I curse myself one day and reel in the hoses and drive to the gas station) so, I figure I may as well get a tank now and install it alongside the washer. Seems like there’s never time to do it right, but always time to do it over again :joy:

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It’s been just outside my garage so exposed to sub freezing, and some cases sub zero cold. There was ice floating inside the drum when we had that last polar vortex.

I may try the mixing suggestion, even if it’s closer to 10% I can deal with that. The spring jobs are a little tougher as they want housewashes in the 50f range.

@dcbrock you can always get a packet of powder shock from a pool store to boost the chlorine content. Just make sure the powder fully dissolves before you push it through your pressure washer.

Easiest fix is just get another drum of bleach

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