Increasing bleach potency?

SH, from the moment it was made, is working it’s way back to separate things, sodium and water. Heat and sunlight are the main killers, unless you are allowing foreign matter to enter your SH tank. If you do, it will break down even faster. Cold slows things down, doesn’t stop them, and freezing/thaw cycles means water is entering your SH tank which will degrade it faster.

personal experience related to length of SH duration, without knowing all the variables, is inconclusive at best. I would rather trust science - It’s like magic…but its real.

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I’d be careful with that, some of those powder packets are actually calcium hypochlorite - not sodium.

:grin: i have buckets of both. I hate using Cal Hypo. It leaves white powder in the bottoms of the pools i clean. But some of my customers prefer it and its fun to mix with brake fluid (im told)…