I'm not a plumber, but I play one on the internet


If you don’t have a trained pet snake:


That is a good idea!


Maybe get a cat?


I was being facetious, I work in our heat every day. I’ll come wash equipment one day, you come stain fences. Might be a toss up whose job is grimier at the end of the day…


Ill pass on staining… I got rid of that as a service and was the best decision ive ever made.


It’s not a toss up it is definitely yours. I stained 5-6 houses a day 5 days a for almost a year. I hated it with a passion. Great money but so not worth it to me…


If you were doing 5 fences a day your a lot younger than I am. LOL I know guys in their 30’s that can do it but at 60 it’s not going to happen for me.