I'm not a plumber, but I play one on the internet

I suck at plumbing. If you see something I’m doing wrong help me out. ALL criticisms welcome!

Personally I’d turn the tote so the plumbing runs down the side and not the middle. Disregard if this isn’t your final lay out.

A brass barb to the pressure washer is less likely to crack and blow as well.


Also is that a rubber sleeve from the tote to the pvc? If so, I see much frustration in your future.


Good eye lol

1 inch EPDM suction hose. That poly braid will go flat in the heat. Have the bottom of the filter flat on the decking, raised up with a shim or something if need be. Ditto on brass to the PW


Yea it’s a 2" fernco from the tote to the pvc. The valve that came on it seemed restrictive and had coarse threads so I took it off. Any better solutions off the top of your head? I’m not having much luck finding tote adaptors that are not restrictive.

Will do

Send pictures of the valve that came with it. The valves that have come on mine are monsters.

I can’t find anything to attach to those outside threads…Not sure if it’s the pattern or if it’s because they are so chewed up.

That is a weird one. My valve opens all the way. A true ball valve not a gate valve. Hold fast. I’ll be back.

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That’s what’s on the tote

Best thing about a bulkhead fitting is the hole doesn’t have to be perfect. It has a big ol’ gasket. Cut the other one out with a dremel on slow.
Drop the male side into the tank.
Pull it toward you with a hanger, tape measure, trained pet snake. Whatever.
You can tighten down the outside nut while you use a couple ratchets and sockets to make L’s to pull pressure toward you.

Easy day. Pipe threads.


Will do thank you sir

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Here’s my @innocentbystander short, no BS technical video for you.


I think I’m going to stop at granger tomorrow after work and pick one up if it’s not still snowing. I was thinking about just putting the old fitting back on and making a new hole for the bulkhead. That plastic thread is pretty thick I think it might be a pain in the rear to cut it out. Thoughts?


Dremel tool will take 5 seconds

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I guess I’m buying a dremel :blush:

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Poor awesomewash really is outta pressure washing now… blood stains on them composite beds can linger for a while.