iGX390 5.5@3000 vs iGX800 5.5@3000 FOR RESIDENTIAL FLATWORKONLY

The iGX390 costs $4,995 and the iGX800 costs $8,995. If these machines were only to be used for residential flatwork, which one would be better…??? I understand that the bigger machine would enable a larger SC to be used. I’m guessing the 390 would cope with a 19" SC and the 800 probably a 24" etc. Being $4k difference in price… how more productive would the 800 be…???

I guess I’m trying to determine if it would be worth the additional $4k…

You would have more horsepower which would mean you could run more gpm, which would in turn allow you to run bigger surface cleaners if you wanted.
It would be a waste in my opinion to run a 5.5 3k on a 690 for example, I would rather run an 8 3k on it.

Psi, not gpm.

My bad

I really don’t need anymore psi given its main use is for residential flat surface cleaning. I am unable to go any larger than a 100g buffer tank and would run into water shortages going with an 8gpm pump.

Given its intended purpose would I be right in choosing the 390 over the 800…??? Do the benefits of the 800 outweigh the $4k difference in price I guess is what I am trying to determine.

Thanks for any advice!

You’ve narrowed it down from the smallest to the largest, you certainly don’t need an igx800 for residential concrete, a gx690 is more than enough juice for residential concrete, if your certain that you’ll be doing large commercial lots then an igx makes sense. The pros and cons would have to be massive to consider and igx for residential driveways. Don’t forget the igx units will wear out as well, at 9k a pop, you get the picture. I’m hearing good things about the igx units, but will hold off until there’s a few more hours on them to see if there’s any common issues with the new layout.

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Thanks for your input… much appreciated. I think it would make more sense to go with the 390 and put that $4k saving into other priorities.

The 390 could also be used as a backup to my softwash setup should I ever have a breakdown with the 1hp Gould booster pump softwash system.

I think a 13hp motor for 5k is a bit silly, you don’t need all the bells and whistles of an igx on such a small motor, a gx390 will do it equally as good. If you need the hp spend the money if you don’t stick to the GX series, there proven to work.

I hear what you are saying. I like the idea of the igx as it idles down when you are off the trigger which is great for when you have to take a phone call etc. Plus it is more fuel efficient. I’ve just been talking to a dealer who can provide the igx390 3000psi@21lpm with a comet pump and Italian gear drive and roll frame for a total price of AU$3,499. This is much better than $5k from JetWave.

I see a lot of single operators carrying two pressure washers around with them i.e. 1 x 3000@5.5gpm and 1 x 3500@8gpm.

I don’t quite understand why this would be necessary being a single operator. If you could provide me with an explanation for this, that would be greatly appreciated.

O think I might have figured it out. If they don’t have a dedicated softwash system the second PW could perform this function. Not sure it would suffice for roof Softwashing though.

Man, you’re overthinking this.

My GX630 uses about a gallon an hour, 75% on the trigger. I seriously doubt the injected 800 will be that much different and justify the cost.

GX690 and 8/3500 is the gold standard, at least here in the US. I’ve done just fine with my GX630 as well.

It’s wise to have a backup, a blown motor or pump could have you on the sideline for a couple days. Plenty forget this is a mobile business not a workshop on wheels, you can’t fix everything in someone’s driveway.

I’m taking that to the Supreme Court, that’s fabricated.


I agree it’s a good idea to have a backup especially if you are halfway through a house wash and your machine breaks down. Not being able to thoroughly rinse of the SH on vinyl siding for example would be a disaster.

I don’t disagree with you.

I bought a 5.6 GPM hot water machine last year and love it. I find it does a great job on concrete and opened up commercial work for me. Additionally, early in the spring and late in the fall it has been a real timesaver. I’m a one man show and not so busy I have to have an 8 (though I wish I had bought one instead of the 5) so maybe it depends how busy you are or will be. Buy once cry once (where have I heard that), if you are in this as a business buy up but sensibly.

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Thanks… I see your point. My dilemma is I only have enough room for a 100g buffer tank and a 40g SH tank and not too sure if that would be too small to run an 8gpm pump…???

get a gx690 8 gpm @ 3500. you will be fine with a 100 gallon buffer just set up your supply correctly so your only using the hose you need and all 3/4" lines with 1" filters. I run a gx630 8gpm @ 3000 on a 50 gallon buffer everyday. I would suggest the 3500 psi though because yeah your still after the same psi number on the ground as you would with the 3000 but you can achieve that number with larger tips so more flow and cost is pretty close. also look at different dimension tanks that are available if your worried they make some crazy designs maybe you can squeeze a bit more on board.