I think I’m being scammed

I think I’m being scammed, Just got a text message from a customer wanting house wash roof and driveway done gave him an estimate now he’s telling me he wants me to add like 2500 to the bill and he’ll pay it WTF

String ‘em along until you get a cc # from him. Then say it wouldn’t process. Let him give you three or four more stolen numbers. Then report them all as stolen. Might just ruin his day :smirk:

At least, that’s what I’d do if I had some free time


Lol don’t forget to send $2000 of it to him in Nigeria when you’re done!


The crook just called me with a Jersey accent. Saying are we gonna do this or what? I told him I run a Legitimate business.I’m too tired for all that we pulled an all nighter last night. And made some good money. Going back to sleep.
What makes me mad is he got me excited thinking the slow season was over.

So looks like now they’ve learned to mimic a Jersey accent.


@Mike11 ask for the invoice amount in cash and the other $2500 upon completion :joy:

Funny I was just reading this a bit ago Scam alert!

I hide my Jersey accent so no one gets suspicious. He must be a newbie. Probably posts questions on his scammers forum asking about how much to steal.


Earlier this year I think it was @Innocentbystander and myself who were contacted by some spammer who said the exact same thing as to why he couldn’t meet in person and why it had to all be done by credit card. That reason was he was recovering from rectum cancer in the hospital…lol. Just goes to show these guys try the same thing to different companies all over the country. The guy actually gave me a local address of a house that was just pulled off the market. These scammers have been around for so long you can usually tell. They try it all though and never seem to give up.

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Rectal cancers seem to be prevelant with scammers

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That’s because they’re amoral a**holes.

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This guy did the same thing very smart local address but when I asked for billing address he didn’t want to give it to me. That’s when the alarm bells started going off in my head. I run a very successful night club at night and deal with credit card disputes daily. For all you newbies Never Manually Input Credit Card’s always use the chip reader !!! Or online payment! If a customer disputes and you use manual input you will lose every time!

Mate what are you doing washing houses if you run a very successful nightclub??

Been making other people a lot of money for a long time! Now it’s my turn!


Good for you man!

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Fair enough, I misunderstood and thought you were the owner.

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You didn’t know that crooks also come from Jersey?

Shoot, ask for the $2500 in cash and the invoice on that worthless card :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Are you implying that amoral, thieving, scumbag a!!holes are more proned to cancer? Now wouldn’t THAT be the perfect definition of karma?