I quit...my job!

Our little home cleaning/pressure washing business has grown to the point where I can no longer keep up with the pressure washing and maintain my full-time job. Leaving the house at 5:15am, returning home at 6:15pm and then rushing off to pressure wash houses in the dark was just too much. Luckily, we have been living under our income for the past year (and paid off damn near everything) so I had the flexibility to leave my job and can now focus on growing our business even more.

Thanks for all the support and knowledge from you guys. Wish me luck!


This close to winter?


I mainly (99%) do new-home construction and have over 100 houses in que.


What’s “winter”?


Very good. Good for you man!

It gets cold outside and the SH no worky as good lol

Ohh, you mean when it gets 65-70°, gotcha :+1:

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Lol maybe in Flo-rida. We don’t have crazy winters here but below freezing for a consecutive days is common.

I’m just messing with you, last year it got so cold I had to put tarps over our citrus trees :smirk:


Lol rough life you’re living over there Coop. What a sad day when your fancy dancy citrus trees get chilly :rofl:


Shoot man you must be up north or sumthin, I ain’t done nun that in 3 years

Ha, I’m just trying to give lone star a hard time…lol

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@TDCServices. Congrats Tom!

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Trying to get the thread back on topic? Haha

Not this time :laughing: I’ve been off the forum for a little over a week and am slowly catching back up. Did me a little 76.2 mile hike out in the woods over Labor Day weekend and it’s got me all sorts of back-logged on things.

good for you buddy :clap: :+1: I done the same thing except I didn’t pay everything off I dove in head first. down here in Florida there is so much money i take off the month of July vacation and month of December to do maintenance and repaint trailer’s. Awesome my friend wish you and your family the best

Wish I could curtail some of my window cleaning for PW. Unfortunately they are tied together.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing, though its going to take me some time to build up both to the point where I can invert the wc and pw, or till I can hire for one or both. @Infinity, you changed from primarily wc to pw correct? Do you mind sharing what avenues you took?

I’m thinking I’m going to build a mostly residential route from pw since commercial has some odd hours. I may have one rig that is commercial for an employee I trust down the road, we will have to see.

I’m still in the transition phase. This year has been around 60/40 pw to wc, but that’s only because I haven’t been doing any interior window cleaning, and my total workload is way down this year.

Mostly, I just try and emphasize the pw’ing in whatever I do. Upsell wc’ing customers to housewashng whenever possible. Try and get some traction with SEO related to pw’ing keywords, etc.

It’s a process. I could be hustling more if I really wanted to, but tbh I’m getting everything out of the business that I want, currently.


I understand getting everything you want. I’m not there yet because I think I’m going to work up to a turnkey crew as kind-of an insurance policy so it’ll be a bit.

My big question is how do you get your old customers who were used to inside windows to only outside with them removing screens? I’ve gotten multiple jobs where they ask if I do insides, and I think most of my customers would pass if I didn’t remove screens. Or, do you only have this rule for new customers?