I need to venture out from Fleet Washing

How much money am I losing out not knowing how to do this? @squidskc you want to come up to Omaha and do this so I can learn with you. HAHA

What would you guys price this at for a clean and seal? Just rough estimate as footage is unknown. But going off of some relative knowns, doors have to be at least 36 inches, same size as that window above. Assuming the space in between windows are approximately the same. I’d venture to say it’s at least a 50x50 foot building.

Brick and masonry hit up @Historic and see if he’s willing to come up. He and I are working a project in September and he’s just across the border from me in KS. This looks like his wheelhouse. Sub it to him and carry buckets for $15/hr or whatever you two decide if you win it.

Maybe add @APW2 into the mix. They’re your neighbor.

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We’ll come up and help! Been curious on the sealing/restoration process on buildings like this. We’ve got our residential washing down (decks, fences, vinyl, stucco, etc.), but would love to expand our capabilities as well.

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I won’t be able to help with any knowledge at all. But I can be your laborer just to learn, buy me lunch and I’d be happy and let me pick your brain on residential. It’s a building in Wahoo and she posted in a marketplace page on facebook.

It ain’t got wheels @GeorgeNicholson , like @Innocentbystander says ,Walk away. Lol

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I want to learn residential for next year. Actually, I just want to learn how to do cedar shake and nothing else.

I had almost a novel typed out but who wants to read that… Had to reduce to just the juicy details.

You’ll need a lift. If the job takes over a week, you might as well rent for the month so I’m just going to use that number; around $3500.

Cleaning the brick will cost about $1200 in chemical (Prosoco 600 x 16 five gallon jugs) plus brush heads (assuming you already have sprayers). It needs to be agitated, so it’s spray, agitate with brush, possibly spray again, let dwell for 15-20 minutes, pressure wash off.

Sealing is gonna be tedious but doable. The windows will need to be plastic and taped off so the sealer doesn’t get on them. It’s just easier to plastic them off because you can’t predict the wind and if the sealer dries on the window, it ain’t comin off. No cars parked on the sides you’re working on. Some people are looking for new paint jobs on your dime. Not today. Sealer is Siloxane WB. It’ll cost $1300 but will last you the entire job. About a 1:10 dilution ratio is the most diluted you can go. Spray on, let dwell, remove plastic and done.

So, you’ve got $3500 for the lift, $1200 for cleaning chems and brushes, $1500 for sealing chems and plastic/tape. $1000 for unknowns. That’s $7200. Add in time, overhead, gas, etc. I would conservatively bid that job around $16,000.


The short side is 86’ and the long side is 116’ it’s also about 24’ tall.

how can you tell that?

You’re a boss man lol


we may need to learn some of this stuff…hahaha

That’s crazy

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Google maps measure distance

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How do you even know where it is? I am confused as hell.

I keep my ear to the ground.

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Way outta my ball park friend. That’s why I’m on here,to learn. I got a tight handle on truck washing and my polishing biz ,but still learning all the time because the chemicals change as does the technology. I’m gonna just sit back with my sweet tea and copenhagen and follow ppl like @dperez,@racer,@squidskc, @Historic @gbattle and the big fella MR @Innocentbystander. Knowledge and understanding all this racket is the key…


The awning has a business name , he probably googled it . That’s what I would do

You guys got some good eyes…haha

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I didn’t remember who @Historic was but I went back and read his post. All are spot on and full of good info. Except maybe the bidet stuff

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You’ll pressure wash bird s*** off a driveway, but not the human s*** on you own behind? :joy: You can all kiss my big beautiful CLEAN behind. :kissing_heart: :laughing: