I hate windy days


That moment u realize your had on your good hat on a windy day. :cry:


Now it’s your good hat. Cherish it.


Been there.


Looks retro now…


I told my wife I was just trying to feel young again… Trying out tie-dyed in 2018 lol


This one has held up surprisingly well. The brown on the back won’t turn and the front is so light the spots are barely noticeable. Grease is my problem lol had to change a water pump yesterday.


It seemed like every time I would go to spray the wind would pick up and as soon as I stopped it would stop lol every single time…i think I had just as much house wash mix on me as I put on the duplexes :joy:


I’m a firm believer in Tilley hats. I am on my 4th since 1988. One was replaced free when it blew off in Snows Cut on a windy day. They don’t replace free now for lost or stolen hats but they offer 50% next one I believe. After about 6 or 7 years the bleach eats the top away and I duck tape them up and spray paint them and use them for bird hunting. Best hat you will ever own.


Mine was a free hat from a parts house, free hats are always the best LMAO if it’s free it’s for me. I have a hat like that but it’s a cheaper brand.


Proudly made in :canada:


I use these with the neck flap.
no neck sun burns, and they don’t discolor, have 1 for each of my helpers (kids, and wife)


With Canadian persnickety. Call them and tell them you can’t find your receipt or what style hat you ordered last. They will tell you to look on the left hand side of your sock drawer. I love them.


A tilley hat + Canada Goose coat + Bottle of Molson Canadian = Ready for incoming major ice storm… where is spring already?


I have the same weatherguard winter jacket from 1994. It looks white until you open the front pocket flap and see it used to be brown. My wife has patched it with cotton jacketed fire hose over the years but it is about shot now. Can’t throw it away though. To much history with it. I’m intrigued with a goose coat but it doesn’t get really cold on NC. I’ll take cheerwine over a beer any day of the week lol



I didn’t know you were from NC. What part?


Fuquay Varina NC


Oh okay, I am about 2.5 hours northwest of you, just above Winston Salem. Small world lol


This is the hat I wear. Comes from a company called Saint Florian. They hand make the hats, and they’re comfy. Some proceeds go to grants for fire departments in need of equipment.


Neat hat Dave, I’m looking for a wide brim hat that will be unique to our company, I’d like something that people will recognize us by