I am looking to enter a new market. What has been your experience?


I have been growing steadily and ready to invest a little money and offer more services. I’m looking to add either a water-fed pole system for window cleaning, roof pump system for cleaning roofs or a hot box so I can market commercial jobs. I have a 12 foot enclosed trailer that I have built for room to grow and can accommodate any of these upgrades with proper equipment.

My question is, in your professional experience, which road gave your company a better ROI? I am leaning towards the window cleaning because I feel it will be easier to inter that market. I service the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas incase you are a direct competitor and don’t want to answer.

Thanks for your professionalism!


Any of the three willl probably work. My route was to do more of what I was doing instead of adding more services. I kept dropping services until I was left with what was most profitable, then streamlined that and added more of it




Have you considered adding another machine and someone to put behind it? Or more marketing for what you’re already doing?


If your goal is to get higher ticket prices per job then going WFP or roofs are both great options.

Roofs are definitely more profitable…more dangerous…more risk.

WFP after a house wash = EASY $$

WFP without a house wash = PITA and a lot of room for mistakes and non cleaned windows

WFP on hydrophilic Windows is easiest $$ you can make…WFP on hydrophobic Windows will be your biggest PITA

I’d recommend adding both…since adding roofs and exterior windows are average tickets went from $320 last year to $510 this year


Good info, thanks!


Roofs are tricky, you need to make sure your workmen’s comp can cover that. Personally I’d hate to send employees up on roofs, when we did them, I did them myself, had a helper wash the house or water everything while I was up there.
Money was good but for risky work.

WFP seems like a good addition; but like someone mentioned previously, you could also just simply do more concrete and houses by getting another machine and a cleaning tech, or simply upping your marketing to fill the schedule

if you’re simply looking to offer more for your clients, so that they dont have to go looking for someone to take another thing off their to-do list then it’s kind of up to what the client needs done, some MIGHT want their windows done, but definitely everyone needs their roof done. It just depends on whether they care how it looks or not.

Essentially there’s a thousand things a house needs done, do YOU have to be their go-to person for everything? No. You could work with a window cleaning company to send you leads and visa versa, so long as either of you don’t offer each other’s service.
Or book the jobs and sub it out, this allows you to receive income on work you have not done. The tricky thing about this is deciding if the other company gets to keep the client for future work, or are they prohibited from contacting YOUR client. Decide this beforehand.

I like the idea of Specializing, you focus on a select service list and be the professional in that field, a brain surgeon COULD be a dermatologist also, but will chose not do offer this. Usually focusing on one or two things allows to get better at it and upgrade equipment, which allows you to work faster and make more money for less hours of work.

As a small company it’s hard to not be the go-to cleaning company, but it seems like there is a system or trend which some companies follow: when you start, you do any work that comes your way, once your business is well rooted, you specialize, once you grow tremendously, you buy other companies or start divisions that offer other services, and spread to other regions or states and keep growing from there.

I suppose you have to think about what your vision is for your company for the future, and cultivate a company culture that directs you in that path.

If you’re set at adding one of the two, roofs bring in better money, but windows can be done more often.


How many of you window guys only clean the exterior of the windows. I’m been kicking it around for years and lately I’ve referred out dozens of window jobs to other guys . All of them do Pressure washing as well so it’s never really sat well with me . I always thought if you do windows then you do them in and out of the house . Why just clean one side . The issue is I am way to dirty to even consider going in there houses . Not to mention reaking of bleach.


I would love to, but not enough work yet. I am learning the marketing game. I built my website, just started the adwords on Google, have ads on Yelp and Facebook. I know it takes time. When the demand allows for me to add another machine I will definitely do it (I will add a new one next season even if the demand isn’tthere yet). I am trying to build an invest back into the business.


I only do exterior because I hate going in to peoples houses. I also hate traditional window cleaning. It’s an easy upsell , customer removes screens.

With that said beginning next season I’m going to hire someone with window experience and start doing in and out packages etc


Also I hate scheduling around customers needs lol

I actually like it when there not home


Very true leave the screen door open when you leave I’ll be there Friday. I couldn’t imagine actually having to set an exact time because they have to be there. That alone would would make it impossible and not worth it


A lot of things to consider. I would love to just clean houses and flat work but growth is not as fast as I want. I also like the thought of more add on business.


Negative…grow up then side to side.

Stick to one or two things until you are dominating those. Build a customer base…then venture off.

How long have you been in business?

Where are you located


I’m located in the Greater Cincinnati area and I’m in my 2nd year. I don’t want to add them all, just one.

Like I mentioned earlier I am really focusing on the marketing game right now (still learning) and enjoying it. I feel adding windows or roof washing would be the next natural progression. I’m not bull-headed enough to say I’m going to do it regardless. That’s the reason for this post. If the majority of the professionals on here think it would be a mistake then I will reconsider. I know everyone on here has been in my situation, just curious what other business owns have done and if they would have done it differently.

Thanks for your input, you always give sound advice and I respect what you have to say!


I personally went with a WFP backpack system…there’s a few threads on here about it.

It’s an easier upsell…


I guess it really depends on your market let’s say your options are roof cleaning/ window cleaning/ paver sealing . In your area roof cleaning and paver sealing may not be as popular and only be seasonal but window cleaning is year round. . Easy choice there . But just as importantly which one would you feel more comfortable doing if they all payed the same ??


Do you regret going that route and do you think you would be where you are now if you haven’t? Meaning, would your business have grown as quickly or did it suffer because of going that route?


In my market, everything shuts down for 3-4 months for weather. I have to brainstorm for the winter months. That being said, I think the windows would be an easier upsell.


Avg ticket grew…all in all it’s a good route.