Hydro Stop

Has anyone ever used this before? Going to apply to the building I posted about in this thread: Unrecognized Stain - #6 by bryananders9.
The guy said last time they applied they used lifts and pump up sprayers, 2 coats. I was thinking of applying with this: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200578571_200578571.
16 gal tank, 2.2gpm 12v pump, 70 psi. Looking for advice or tips, this is my first time applying sealer. Also, no idea how to quote it; by time or area? Thanks in advance.

No one has an opinion or knowledge on this?

Lol. I’ve never used that product specifically, so can’t help ya there. I have used other hydro stop and sealoflex products on flat roofs and built-in gutter systems. Completely different stuff though

I avoid northern tool and any advice they’d give me on how to clip my fingernails.