Hydrant use on private property

Curious as to who would be the right person to talk to to use hydrants in front of shopping centers? This is the second shopping center in 3 weeks without water spigots. Not much thought went into building them apparently. There is hydrants out front. I know you would need a permit for city water but I’m guessing that it’s different on private property. I’m not comfortable guessing so here I am. Thoughts?

Hydrant is still on public water you need permit


It’s makes no difference where it’s located. It’s a city owned main

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You don’t need a permit per se. You need to be permitted to use it ie rented mobile hydrant meter from the municipality that owns it


Correct. Much better explained. In my neck of the woods it’s a 2500 deposit.


Thanks for the info @Firefighter4hire & @dperez. Going to head over to the water department and hope that I can find someone that knows what the hell theyre talking about. The last time I looked into this I couldn’t get anyone one the phone with a lick of understanding of what I was trying to accomplish. Maybe I’ll have better luck in person.

I have 6 meters at the moment. The deposits on them range from $600-1,900

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Fully refunded when returned I’m assuming?

Yes of course it’s just a deposit. You lose it if you get it stolen or they take money from it if you damage it in any way. In all my years I’ve never had them keep anything from it.


I just picked one up. $750 deposit and $20 for the first 2,000 gallons

Man I wish ours were that cheap

That’s country prices. Now that’s more like it. Were about the same on prices per gallon. But $350 for meter

Depends on where you are. In Charlotte, NC hydrants in apartment communities, shopping centers and other such places are private.


Ive done some reading since the post and i did come across that. I also read that you may or may not need to contact the city for permission. So in summary I will be contacting the city water department or code enforcement. I’ve been to two today. One was the water department and the other was code enforcement to get what I needed. But mission accomplished. As always, you guys advice is appreciated.

Most industrial parks here have thier on private hydrants and some large shopping malls.

Thank you for chiming in. I’m going to look into this. Not like I clean Apartments though.

What size is it?

All the industrial parks and shopping centers have private hydrants but they are still on the city water main at least in Fredericksburg so you must have a meter to use them
Private or not. I got to have a different meter for each county on top of that


The ones im referring to pull from thier ponds. I only know this because i guy i work with used to lay the pipe for these systems and he also came and flushed them out a few times a year.

We only have one building in fred that has it’s own water and water tower. Everything else is on city or county watersupply

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