Hy-conn garden hose quick connector

Thought you folks might enjoy if you haven’t seen it yet. Does anyone know where I can find one? It seems they quit selling them. I can’t find them anywhere

@MAKAVELI Thanks for the professional cordial response. I appreciate your input and knowledge. Enjoy the resource. There is plenty to learn


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I git one…they good and fast

@CastleCleaners this is the current version of it, but I’m afraid they may be discontinuing them. Unfairly low reviews, and the mrcoupler website appears to be down. I really like them.

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Thats what i got

Sorry, meant to reply to the OP

If your preferred fittings go away these are the cat’s pajamas if you’ve never used them.



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Ooh, I love me some camlocks. Unfortunately less than .25% of my customers have them on their hose bibs.

do you hook up cam lock to house spigot? Hadnt thought about that, i do use for tank hookup

Seems like a waste of time unless your connecting and disconnecting from the same spigot on a repeating basis. That’s the beauty of the hy-conn/MrCoupler adapters. It’ll quick-connect to a standard garden hose tap

I cam lock on the hose bib. Sometimes the bib is too low to put the filter on. I have to camlock a 5 foot jumper on. All my hoses are camlocked together on the reel in case I have to double feed the tank.

I can uncouple two hoses, camlock on a Y, and be in business in minutes.

If the customers hose is on the bib and I don’t feel like taking it off or it won’t unthread by hand I thread a male camlock right onto their hose and pop in the filter connected to my hose.


I read into the story a little, Cuban backed out of the deal

That’s unfortunate.

Why not place the filter before the hose reel?
Actually after…before your buffer tank

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