Huge Savings.... deal wont last long

Only a few hours left… 20% off.

Will for sure increase profit margins, can thank me later when your sitting pool side in the Caribbean.


That’s awesome. Might as well throw a couple of these in the cart. Why the heck would you even need to mess or waste money on a pump up sprayer? You’ll save so much you’ll be able to book an all inclusive on that Caribbean vacation.

Hey, don’t be posting all our secrets in open forum Donut!? :zipper_mouth_face:

Just ordered a few cases. Ready for that vaca :sunglasses:

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This is cheaper and you dont need to rinse. You just Walk Away :walking_man:

You find one for trucks and I’ll come over today and be the families pool boy,gourmet cook,your personal fumigation management team after your big breakfast ,etc… @Donut

Why is it still searching the wcr website.


Thats a great question !

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@Chris any idea when search will work again?


For me, it works on iPad, but not on iPhone

Man I was just reading a topic of yours about CRM. I can’t find it for the life of me now because of this wcr search lol
I would like consensus of the forum markate users over CF users. I used joist but switched to markate. It looks like an overall cleaner layout from input to invoice. The difference is $25 or so a month so curious as well.

Markate fan here

The invoices looked 10x better than joist to me. Overall layout was clean, I just don’t like on markate how they can’t book appointments, and the actual lead to schedule process is kinda complicated vs cf, from what I’ve seen.

On the markate bus here as well. Make sure you pay the extra $5 a month for request for review, and set it up decent. It is well worth the money! I also use their automated postcard feature and send out thank you cards after an invoice is paid. If the request for review doesn’t get a review, the thank you post cards almost always do.


Really i didnt know about the post card. Is that another add on or do you pay for the cards individually?

@mgcmike do they not have the online booking add on where the customer makesbthe appointment? I haven’t looked into it yet i just assumed thats what the add on did.

I’ve tried to use both the feature you described and paid the $5 extra for post cards and reviews that @BigJake is talking about. I could not get it to work. I think I even had to do it on our laptop if I’m not mistaken and still couldn’t figure it out.

Does have to be turned on via laptop or pc. Once it’s on, you just check the box for send request for review when creating a new customer. @Grizz the post cards are under the marketing tab. Just costs something like .80 a piece, but well worth it in my opinion. Helps make the customer feel less like a one night stand and more of a relationship.


I really liked markate at first then as I continued useing it I realized how glitchy it was. They have good customer service but tend to blame anyone they can for their software’s problems. I think they have grown too fast and the product suffered. But, they will go out of there way to fix anything they can and its 20 times better than joist. I have no doubt that by next year they will have it together software wise. They seem motivated to please. Well worth the money.

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Jolly Good Show. I just renewed markate… got 2 calls for estimates today as soon as I did, Just in the nick of time :smiley:

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