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Aka the stuff that saves and earns money. Pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning etc is a the byproduct of running a well oiled business.

If you can’t master the business side like a guy named Brandon who taught last year you’re going to be stuck like Brandon’s Dad who he bought the Business from a couple years ago.

His dad was doing six figures as an owner operator.

Brandon bought it and immediately started investing in marketing, people, education and his business is unrecognizable from his dads business except for the name. He’s a got a fleet and a profitable business that he said he paid for all of it with revenue. No credit. If you don’t know how tough it is to grow 20-, 50-, 100- fold in a few short years without going into debt to do it let’s just say he’s a 1%-er.

Brandon pays his employees an hour or two each week for educating themselves. Not pressure washing.

You know that “softwash music video” floating around? His guys did that completely on their own time to surprise Brandon.

The guy set up an emergency fund in case his employees find themselves in a tough spot. He has fiercly loyal employees.

I learned all of that last year at the convention. Not stuff you typically get from even the forum.


This guy?


same guy


Over $3 million a year and 3 locations. From an owner operator that plateaued for decades. Holy smokes…


I was sitting next to a guy from jersey that sails to warmer weather in the winter. He was on the Quick Talk Podcast too. He runs a huge business too. His employees get 3 months off every year and he has a training program called Hiring Rock Star Employees. I forget his name unfortunately, but he owns A Plus Power Washing in NJ. He was in Brandon’s workshop taking notes!

My brain exploded twice.


Brian Hegarty. I can’t believe I forgot his name. I had a wrestling coach named Hegarty and my brother’s name is Brian.

I’ve brought shame on my family…


I just secured my airline, hotel, & registration! Looking forward to it.


Good to at least know you’ll are on top of it Chris. Thanks for responding.


Just booked my room and got the tickets to the convention. Look forward to meeting everyone there. I’m sure it’s just as good as everyone says it is.