Huge Convention Roomie Finder


I’m not tracking…


I have seen people talking about lori getting kicked off here for advertising her own stuff. People saying that this forum is for the owners of the sites sales?


Oh gotcha. I’ll take you in the thread.


It’s not gay if you don’t make eye contact


I’ll wear a blindfold.


My first pw convention , we still can’t decide driving there 7 hours or flight


I saw flights from KC for less than $200/flight through southwest. You can’t find southwest on skyscanner or google flights. Might be worth a look.


We flight from regional airport and prices is crazy , right now is 430$ per person and I need two. One for my sweet heart


Never been to a convention… what do they consists of? It’s about a 9hr drive to Atlanta for me which isn’t that far.


Workshops for all interests. A happy hour to hang out with other companies around the world. Discounts at the trade show. Demos. Keynote speakers from business owners earning more annually than most of us have in our lifetime.

Totally worth it.


I might and try and talk to the wife about going to the convention I would love to come out and meet other people and learn from them … hopefully by Aug I will have some money save up and order a 8gpm machine


@squidskc if happy hour consists of strippers and beer wife might have to stay home…lol


I’m not much of a drinker, but I went to the last one and can confirm no strippers. Lol


Quick FYI - we are probably going to be raising ticket prices by weeks end ( 7 days ) -

Tickets have been selling a lot quicker this year than in previous years.


You are out of luck :slight_smile:

I can report to you however in the past 5 years The Convention has not “gone down”

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We don’t restrict in any way you guys talking about who you buy from posting links etc. But I’m not interested in having a bunch of vendors in here participating, spamming the group, growing their business etc…

There isn’t really an area for that. We do show ads in the right column of the desktop version of the site but that’s about it. Ads are purposefully blocked from the mobile design. And there really isn’t an area for “the owners” to sell. We don’t sell much into the group. Maybe a post a month. But its pretty rare.

As you may have noticed we are pretty hands off here. You guys seem to be doing a great job & are creating a nice community.


You can check out our amazing reviews here:


We typically dont announe the official classes and speakers until June. BUT I can tell you the event is very business focused. Its way more about the business side than the hands on application stuff.

You can see last years schedule here:

Just to kind give you an idea of the direction. You can go back in time even further if you like just by changing the year in the url.


In 2017 Window Cleaners & Pressure Washers from all around the world ( literally ) joined us for the biggest and best event of the year.


For those that have never been you can see a bunch of “recap” related stuff from last year to give you an idea of what you can expect -