Huge Convention Roomie Finder

The Huge Convention is so incredibly fun, not to mention valuable. You can’t miss it.

Lock it in early and use this thread to find a roomie to split costs if you’re tighter than my old prom dress like I am.

Chris @OvermanPowerClean and I were chatting last night and looking at the costs for buying the ticket to the conference, flights, and room are so cheap I locked it down last night.

Last year I procrastinated and it all cost me about $1000 for flight, convention ticket, and room since I had to room solo.

Chris and I are roomies for two nights (no weird stuff buddy!) so my costs for locking it down early are as follows:

$180 for the DELUXE room. (Chris is good to me.)
$150 for the convention ticket.
$190 for round trip flight on southwest.

$520. About half of what I paid last year by not waiting like a total goon.

convention ticket prices go up by $50 on April 1st


Got tickets for my lady and I a couple weeks ago. Luckily, we are only a couple hours away and have family we can stay with.


Shazam! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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Hotel just got back to me, they said you’ll have to sleep on the balcony, only one person per room:/ Im sure they’ll have extra blankets.

Just messing, yeah glad we did it this way though cuz im only planning on spending the two days. I let my credit card points pay for my plane ticket there and back!


I keep forgetting I have those…

When is this years convention?

August 23-24.

You were in the Navy for crying out loud, you have to true definition of weird after months at sea…lol

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Never really went to sea long enough to lose my marbles. Shore side 90% of the time… thank goodness.

Ouch… tickets at the door pricey

Heck I might even go. Close to me.


Noob here. What “classes” do they offer? Wondering if the ticket price is worth it.


Last year I went to government contracts workshop, vent hood cleaning workshop, numerous marketing workshops.

But made a handful of friends that made the price worth it 10 times over. And I had a blast in New Orleans.

Do it! I’ll start practicing my hugs.


I hope it’s not the same people organizing it as the people running this site. Went down again while ago. Like a every other day occurance.

I have a better idea. You stay home and work and send your better half to represent you.

There isn’t anyone on the planet that could care less about the pressure washing business. Lol

This site is down a ton…

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What is it about Navy guys always wanting to hug? :rofl:

If he tries it Rick you’ll have to put him in place with your DI voice.


So since I’m still new to the site I have to ask. I read about this site being for sales? Where is the area they sell?

Must be from all that time they spend on ships, lol